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ionOS® is the most advanced software ever created for the stable isotope community. With the increasing demand on the modern-day laboratory for ever more efficiency, the overhead of processing and evaluating large data sets is an unwelcome requirement. ionOS removes these demands saving the analyst time and money whilst generating data more consistently.

Designed completely from the ground up and uniquely for stable isotope analysis, ionOS provides exceptional automation and sophistication in your EA and GC data processing. ionOS delivers unparalleled gains for the entire stable isotope community.

ionOS Stable Isotope Data Processing Software


ionOS is the most advanced software ever created for the stable isotope community. You can take advantage of faster, more robust data processing today with our three month free trial.

The ionOS free trial supports the import of other ionOS data files, IonVantage data files and third party data (as .dxf*  or .csv) and is available to the entire stable isotope community as a standalone data processing client.

*.dxf is a file format of ThermoFisher Scientific Inc

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What have our customers gained by using ionOS?

Total Logo

We really enjoy working with ionOS. All the gas analysis we did in the beginning of 2015 (more than a thousand samples) were calculated and validated with ionOS! We have saved a lot of time. It is very useful for batches of a hundred samples and to check standards.

Dominique Duclerc,
Fluids and Organic Geochemistry,
Total S.A.

Lancaster University Logo

I'm VERY impressed by ionOS, especially the calibrations part. It's basically doing what I always wanted other software to do, but it never seemed to work or wasn't clear enough. This applies to a lot of chromatography quantifying packages I've used.

Dave Hughes,
Lancaster Environment Centre,
Lancaster Univeristy
United Kingdom

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Our lab runs whole crude oils with hundreds of peaks, of which only a select number are of interest. Peak mapping makes selecting only those peaks across large data sets a quick and easy process, saving us a huge amount of time and effort. Even when there is a change in retention time ionOS can determine where the peaks of interest have shifted to.

Craig Barrie
Oil Isotope Lab
GeoMark Research

JamStec Logo

Although I use a different IRMS instrument, I use ionOS for the processing of my GC isotope data. ionOS has sharply accelerated my work thanks to the great convenience, user-friendly interface and advanced functionality: thank you!  I love ionOS and I also feel the huge potential of ionOS in the future, which will very much contribute to our isotope science community.

Yoshito Chikaraishi
Department of Biogeochemistry

Gain Control

ionOS makes your sample analysis effortless.

ionOS has been designed from the ground up to work uniquely with our isoprime visION stable isotope analyzers. Specifically taylored for EA and GC systems, ionOS presents a clean and intuitive user interface allowing you to focus directly on your results.

ionOS provides you with as much information as is necessary to verify that your isoprime visION system is working to specifications. Good For Go intelligence summarizes the status of your isoprime visION to confirm at-a-glance that everything is Good For Go.

The powerful task list and method workflow engine, allow you to run your samples the way you want to. Customizable Quick Tasks allow you to schedule and run familiar tasks with a single click.

Gain Time

With a vast array of powerful new features, ionOS can deliver considerable time savings to almost every stable isotope lab in the world. Stable isotope analysis commonly generates large data sets; whether handling data from multi-elemental (NCS) analysis or a complex GC separation of 100’s of sample compounds. Processing these complex data sets is reduced to a small number of automatic functions, saving you large amounts of time.

Gain Simplicity

ionOS presents a clean user interface with clear iconography and structure. With collaborative input from our friends in the stable isotope community, you can be sure that the functionality you want is available and intuitive.

Gain Data Interpretation

After working hard to collect, prepare and analyze your samples the complex task of data interpretation begins… ionOS goes further than any other stable isotope software to make your data interpretation easy. ionOS is the only stable isotope software to automatically provide multi-elemental, multi-point isotope calibration of raw data yielding results for immediate interpretation. Coupled with our unique Peak Maps feature, which instantly rationalises GC compounds across multiple injections, you will have confidence in the validity of your data.

Gain Data Standardization

Standardization of stable isotope data is critical for the global stable isotope community to work together. As a company dedicated to stable isotope analysis, we believe that we have a duty to simplify this process and have put data standardization at the heart of ionOS. ionOS lets you define a library of isotopic standards which can be used to perform automatic multi-point isotopic calibrations.

Gain Data Management

When handling large data sets, it is imperative that the data remains organised and easily searchable. ionOS makes this incredibly simple with the use of batches and its integrated search functionality. Samples can be added to batches at acquisition time or added retrospectively, giving a large degree of flexibility to how your data is managed.

Gain More

ionOS brings you more than any other stable isotope software and our customers agree, which is why we have made it available to the entire stable isotope community. Even if your data is generated using another manufacturer’s instrument, you can still benefit from the power of ionOS.

Data Processing Key Features

ioNOS Software Presentation - Splash Screen with Logo
ioNOS Software Presentation - Homescreen
ioNOS Software Presentation - GC Data Processing with Comparison
ioNOS Software Presentation - EA Data Processing
ioNOS Software Presentation - Comparison View
ioNOS Software Presentation - Set Map Wizard
ioNOS Software Presentation - Manage Maps
ioNOS Software Presentation - Big Batch of Data
ioNOS Software Presentation - Calculated Columns
ioNOS Software Presentation - Calibration Wizard
ioNOS Software Presentation - Advanced Calibration
ioNOS Software Presentation - Calibration Plot
ioNOS Software Presentation - Calibration Summary
ioNOS Software Presentation - Batch Report
  • Multi-point, multi-isotope calibration wizard
  • Drift Correction wizard
  • Blank Subtraction wizard
  • Advanced customization of calibration, drift correction and blank subtractions
  • Result specific details and calibration overview
  • Peak Maps for quick compound identification and peak refinements across repeat injections
  • Automatic Standard Compound Identification quickly creates Peak Maps for known isotopic standards
  • Bulk and Compound Specific isotopic standard definitions
  • Reusable Peak Library allows for quick compound identification
  • Quick drag & drop compound identification using the Peak Library
  • Refine peak boundaries and apply to a Peak Map
  • Transparent calculation workflows allow for complete traceability of results
  • Automatically group injections to display average and standard deviation statistics
  • ionOS Search allows you to compile long term data sets
  • Inlet specific batch processing
  • Comparison View allows you to work with multiple injections
  • Real-time and fast data processing utilizing multi-core parallel-processing
  • Report results to recognized international reference scales
  • Customizable charts support zooming, panning and peak selection interactions
  • Compound-To-Compound reporting with Calculated Columns
  • Calculated Columns apply custom calculations to the batch
  • Conditional formatting for Calculated Columns based on result thresholds
  • Flexible and powerful peak detection and integration algorithms