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TOC mission for environmental and wastewater analysis
Discover the world of high performance analytics
Plant to plate
Nitrogen and protein analysis along the whole production chain of plant-based food
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the experts in elemental analysis
The elementar TOC Mission
When it comes to accurately measuring TOC in environmental and wastewater, we are dedicated to simplifying the process
The Missing Link
in NPC analysis
World Class Freeze Dryers
Bringing the Martin Christ Freeze Drying technology of Germany To The United States
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Elementar Americas, Inc. -
Your partner for excellent elemental analysis

Elementar is the world’s leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation measuring carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen, or chlorine in organic and most inorganic materials.

The line-up of combustion instruments produced by Elementar are the only systems to have evolved directly from the birth of combustion analysis by Heraeus 125 years ago in Hanau, Germany and are still manufactured there to this day.

In 1999 our updated and uniquely innovative instrumentation was brought to North America, giving rise to Elementar Americas. From our headquarters on Long Island, NY and representation abroad, we now support North, Central and South America through sales, service and consumable needs. Our combustion analyzers and isotope-ratio mass spectrometers cover a wide range of applications including agriculture, environmental, energy related and research based projects.

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