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In-person training course
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Training courses of the Elementar Academy

Would you like to expand your knowledge or bring it up to date? Then we recommend participation in one of our customized training courses. We have recently expanded our offering to include three different levels of training that are a mixture of online and in-person training courses. These are currently available for many of our analyzers and the rest of the courses of the Elementar Academy will be completed during the year 2021.

The online courses are naturally available anywhere, any time, and can be completed at your own pace, from 5 minutes a day to all in one sitting. Total time needed will depend on your experience, but averages about one hour for level 1 courses and two hours for level 2 courses. The one- to two-day, in-person courses consist of both theoretical and practical learning content, as well as time for application consulting. Training materials from all courses will always be available to you review later.

The courses are sequential and build on the knowledge gained in the lower levels. For experienced users who wish to skip to the advanced levels, please contact for further options.