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Stable isotope analysis enables ecological researches

Stable isotope analysis of a vast range of materials pertaining to ecological research allows researchers to access information not readily attainable by other standard analytical techniques. Stable isotopes are frequently used by ecologists as tracers in biological systems, enabling the tracking of elemental cycling within an ecosystem. Variation in the isotopic signatures of different geographic regions allows isotopes to be utilized as tracers of migration, whilst the principles of isotopic fractionation allow biogeochemical processes to be interrogated to levels of details unattainable from elemental compositions alone. Developing our understanding of the relationships between living organisms and their environment through stable isotope analysis are important for a careful handling of the natural world. We help to ensure that future generations enjoy the same wonders that we do today.

Dedicated system for ecological analysis offers powerful insights

Our EcovisIONis a dedicated system for ecological analysis, which helps to get insights with stable isotope analysis. It uses carbon isotopes to determine the primary production source responsible for energy flow in an ecosystem. For identifying the trophic level position of an organism, nitrogen isotopes are determined. Sulfur isotopes can distinguish benthic producers from pelagic producers, as well as marsh plants from phytoplankton producers. 

Unmatched simplicity for ecological analysis

EcovisIONbrings the insightful power of stable isotope analysis to a level of simplicity that has not been possible before. It reclaims responsibility for the sample analysis from the user by offering incredible functionality that reduces instrument contact time. This saves time and enable you to focus on science, not instrumentation. 

Our analyzers for ecological research

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