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The Elementar TOC Mission
When it comes to accurately measuring TOC in environmental and wastewater, our mission is to make work as stress-free and efficient as possible for you.
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When it comes to accurately measuring total organic carbon, our mission is to make your working life easier. We asked more than 1,000 laboratory employees about their challenges in environmental and wastewater analysis. The result: enviro TOC!
enviro TOC is specifically designed to be easier to use, more flexible, accurate and simpler to maintain. enviro TOC is a customized system for TOC/TNb analysis in environmental water and wastewater. It is a future-oriented, precise technological solution that is also more efficient and environmentally friendly, thanks to longer-life components and a user-oriented maintenance concept.

Regardless of whether you’re analyzing water from rivers, lakes and seas, or managing water from public sources, manufacturing processes and wastewater, enviro TOC is the smart choice.

Measuring TOC is easy

Our Benefits

Let enviro TOC do it all for you

Fully automated analysis

enviro TOC’s autosampler has 60 positions for 40 ml EPA vials, which even makes unattended overnight operation possible. The rinsing position and automatic acidification feature guarantee high precision and low carryover with a fully automated system. All vial positions can be stirred (if particles are present) or purged (for NPOC analysis) before injection. 

The intuitive and innovative software suite lyticOS® makes it even easier. Optimized for unsupervised use, it actively assists you with self-diagnosis, automatic sleep and wake functions, visual guidance for maintenance tasks and full remote control functionality.

This means you can rely on enviro TOC to provide the results you need when you need them and fits perfectly into a modern, high-throughput laboratory environment. To find out more and to take part in the Elementar TOC mission, follow the link.


Flexibility where you need it most

When you need to switch quickly to adapt to different sample types and parameters, enviro TOC has you covered. Fast conversion from liquids to solids in just a few minutes provides high flexibility and combustion temperatures of up to 1,200 °C crack even stable carbon compounds. Learn more about the influence of the combustion temperature on TOC determination in our Application Note.

If it’s lower temperatures you need, 700 °C for salt-containing samples can be defined. On top of that, a chemiluminescence detection (CLD) module can be attached for simultaneous TNb determination in the same instrument frame. This provides new opportunities for environmental labs who need a solution that takes up a small amount of bench space and is customized for TNb analysis. TOC and TNb determination is key for monitoring organic pollution and nitrogen load in surface waters and enviro TOC is ideal for the analysis of TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, DOC, POC or TNb. An efficient electrochemical detection (ECD) can also be integrated, further adding to flexibility.

All of these features and more help enviro TOC fulfil our mission to make your environmental and wastewater analysis easier and more flexible. Contact our sales team for a personal consultation.



enviro TOC’s high performance combustion provides accurate and dependable results every time. Rinsing functions for the needles on the autosampler and on the cleaning the tubes before the combustion unit minimize carryover, avoid sedimentation and contamination, providing even better data. This also increases the lifespan of the injection unit. 

The lyticOS® software suite works just as hard, helping to provide precise results by minimizing potential errors from incorrect usage. Results are processed immediately, and the calibration procedure is simplified, which makes TOC analysis easier for every operator. Get in touch with our team to experience how enviro TOC can make a real difference for you and your lab.



enviro TOC is a wastewater analysis solution designed around you, the user. Most of the maintenance work can be performed without the need to consult a service engineer, thanks to video examples and clear explanations of procedures. Everything you need to know is covered by the ‘Elementar Academy’ – our user-centered training platform. 

All parts are easily accessible, making it simple to maintain elements or exchange consumables.

Easy-to-use connections provide reliable sealing and also makes maintenance more straightforward. The screwless access via the front door of the instrument to the combustion tube, 4-way valve, sparger, and reaction tubes makes exchange of several parts and reagents a quick and easy task.

On top of that, SALTTRAP makes it possible to run samples with a high salt load and increases the lifespan of the combustion tube. 

enviro TOC’s unique maintenance concept goes a long way in providing you with greater piece of mind and achieving our aim to make your working life easier. Find out more about enviro TOC from our sales team.



enviro TOC doesn’t just provide high performance wastewater analysis, it does that while keeping costs low at the same time. While gas and consumables consumption depends on the mode of operation and sample material, enviro TOC provides lower cost per analysis across the board.

For example:

  • Regular rinsing with water keeps the wear of the injection needles and the 4-way valve low.
  • 2 ml of 10% H3PO4 is typically needed for TIC analysis.
  • 0.5 – 1 ml of 10% HCl is required for NPOC analysis.
  • 175 ml/min of synthetic air or oxygen is needed for regular analysis, plus 90 ml/min for purging in NPOC mode, TIC mode and for the autosampler rinsing function.

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To keep your enviro TOC working as it should, we’re only a phone call, email or message away. Our dedicated global service team is there for you and your device, helping to ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance under all circumstances.

To increase the service life and functionality, we also offer customized maintenance contracts and certified consumables as well as high quality spare parts. Just get in touch if you need us.

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Make the most out of enviro TOC

Application Notes

enviro TOC can be used in a variety of different applications and we have put together a useful selection of notes and best practice examples so that you get the best results from your device.

Front page of the Application Note
Influence of the combustion temperature on TOC determination in surface and wastewater samples

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Our mission: your success

Providing greater measurement to make your working life easier

We asked more than 1,000 laboratory employees about their challenges in wastewater and environmental analysis.

Using user-unfriendly and inefficient technology leads to measurement inaccuracy, device failures or increased workloads that make the working day-to-day a challenge.

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Our mission is to change that and make work as stress-free and efficient as possible.

That’s why enviro TOC is designed around you and is tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

Part of our mission is to allow you to experience the benefits of enviro TOC first-hand:

  • Register for a demo (in person on-site or online) and see how enviro TOC can make a real difference to your working life. 
  • Contact our ‘TOC team’ for a personal discussion about how enviro TOC can change the way you analyse wastewater and environmental water.

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