• iso FLOW für Headspace Analyse

    iso FLOW

    Stable Isotope
    Sample Handling Platform

  • iso FLOW für Headspace Analyse

    iso FLOW

    The first complete platform
    for trace to pure analysis of
    simple gases derived from
    air, carbonate or water

iso FLOW

The most versatile stable isotope sample handling platform ever created

Today’s stable isotope lab must be prepared for a plethora of applications ranging from climate to medicine and all points in between. We have leveraged Elementar’s industry-defining leadership in elemental analysis to develop a new concept in separation science, UltiTrapTM (patent pending), to form the backbone of the iso FLOW.

The iso FLOW is the first complete platform solution for the analysis of trace and pure components of simple gases derived from air, carbonates, water, and life. Driven by a new concept in separation science, the UltiTrapTM permits cryogen-free concentration prior to dynamic chromatographic separation.

iso FLOW Key Features

  • Powered by UltiTrapTM
  • Solid-state cooling eliminates cryogenics, refrigerants, and chillers
  • Completely driven by ionOS®
  • Simple modular design results in a complete platform solution
  • Fixed-volume sample loop or flow-through concentration
  • Optional fully automated sample preparation, 180-position heated sample tray
  • Unique dual-core microvolume needle for carbonate sample preparation and analysis
  • Optional high temperature furnace for δD or δ13C of methane
High Sensitivity Grey Icon

High sensitivity

Analyze the most challenging samples with the highest degree of confidence.

Great Flexibility Grey Icon 2

Great flexibility

Ready-built for a variety of samples, from trace gases to pure carbonates.

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High data quality

Achieve the highest analytical performance with the most precise instrument available.

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Easy, labor-saving instrument operation and sample preparation. Simplified maintenance.