• Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus freeze dryer


    From routine drying operations
    to process optimization tasks

Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus

Wide range of applications

The Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus freeze dryer is a very compact, general purpose high-performance laboratory and pilot unit for tabletop installation. The application area of this unit extends from routine drying operations to process optimization tasks.

The Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus is specialized for drying solid or liquid, mainly aqueous products in vials, ampoules, tubes, other glass containers or dishes, especially pharmaceutical specimens with low eutectic points and products containing solvents.

Fast & flexible freeze-drying operation

The ice condenser is directly inside the drying chamber, shortening drying time and avoiding vapor condensation in the vacuum pump. The integrated drying manifold design facilitates enables the use of round-bottom flasks as well as wide-neck bottles.

A refrigerant cools the large shelf area directly. The directly cooling and heating of the shelves made from Teflon coated solid aluminium lead to a lower temperature for the shelf, and cooling and heating rates that are nearly twice as fast as indirectly cooled shelves.