Pilot Freeze-Dryers

Elementar Americas provides a unique & exclusive collaboration of commercial freeze drying products offered by Martin Christ. This positions Elementar Americas, Inc. as a premier supplier of pilot and production freeze dryers/lyophilizers for any application, anywhere within the United States. We invite you to contact us to see how we can help you build the best freeze dryer in the world for your needs – and in your budget.

Martin Christ is one of the most well established freeze drying equipment manufacturers in the world, located in Osterode, Germany. Combined with the strength of the Elementar Americas team, the Martin Christ products and services offering is one of the most technically innovative and service focused on the market. We are dedicated to understanding the freeze drying needs of researchers everywhere and dedicated to providing top-quality equipment with superior application and technical support.

Epsilon pilot freeze-dryers

Freeze drying is by far one of the gentlest product drying/preservation methods in the market, specifically designed for the biopharma and life-science industries. It is based on sublimation, which means a direct transition from a solid state to the gaseous state without becoming a liquid. The frozen products are dried under vacuum without thawing, which ensures valuable products are preserved without damage.

Pilot freeze-dryers are instruments specialized for process optimization or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays. With their geometric similarity, comparable temperature-control system, and identical operation, these systems are on a par with large production machines. This similarity makes scaling processes much easier!  Our freeze-dryers cover product capacities from 4 kg to 16 kg per drying cycle. The temperature-controlled shelves are sized between 0.11 m² and 1.2 m². (1.18 ft² and 12.9 ft²)

Our products for Pilot Freeze-Drying