• Sauerstoffanalysator rapid OXY cube


    Long-life glassy carbon tube for
    pyrolysis temperatures up to 1500 °C

  • Sauerstoffanalysator rapid OXY cube


    well proven purge and trap technology
    for best results

  • Sauerstoffanalysator rapid OXY cube


    Matrix independent
    calibration and measurement

  • Sauerstoffanalysator rapid OXY cube


    precision <±0.1 absolute

  • Sauerstoffanalysator rapid OXY cube


    large measuring range
    from <0.01 up to 100%

  • Sauerstoffanalysator rapid OXY cube


    analysis of 1 mg
    up to 1 g sample weight

rapid OXY cube®

High-quality, high-temperature oxygen analysis

The rapid OXY cube is a newly developed analyzer from Elementar, delivering highly precise and matrix-independent oxygen concentration measurement. 

Oxygen analysis using pyrolytic conversion techniques can place a lot of demands on instrument technology, as pyrolysis temperatures of up to 1,450°C are necessary to guarantee highly precise and matrix-independent results. These extreme analysis conditions can only be fulfilled by high-end solutions like the rapid OXY cube, which achieves full conversion of sample oxygen into carbon monoxide. 

Even persistent organic substances are digested under these conditions, as well as most inorganic materials, and the results can be detected matrix-independently. In addition, the novel backflush technology also guarantees blank-free measurements of the most difficult samples.

Highest temperature for the highest precision

Recent improvements in Elementar’s instrument technology have allowed the rapid OXY cube to deliver oxygen concentration analyzes with unprecedented precision (a standard deviation of <0.1% absolute) and improved convenience, with the large dynamic measurement range allowing sample weights of below 1 mg, as well as up to 300 mg, to be processed.

Efficient, automated performance

The rapid OXY cube offers unmatched user-friendliness: it is optimized for unattended overnight operation, and the pyrolysis reactor can be used for several thousands of samples.

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