Excellence in EA, TOC and IRMS analysis

    Elementar is a market-leading supplier of Elemental Analysis (EA), Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) instrumentation in the United Kingdom. Working across a broad range of applications, our combination of innovative technologies and exceptional support ensures our customers have the ability to perform their analysis to the highest levels.

    The analysis of the non-metallic elements like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and chlorine can deliver powerful insight into many scientific questions. Determining the elemental composition and isotopic ratio of these elements in organic and inorganic substances demands expertise; something that Elementar have been sharing with customers for over 110 years.

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    Addressing classical chemical analysis as well as pharmaceutical quality control and medical research.

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    Icon Agrar


    Providing scientific insight from the farmers field through to final manufacturing processes.

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    Icon Energie


    Delivering insight from upstream reservoir exploration to downsteam chemical refinement.

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    Icon Forensik


    Giving unique insight into a range of forensic questions such as food adulteration, criminalology and archaeology.

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    Icon Umwelt


    Allowing the understanding and protection of our natural environments and resources.

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    Icon Werkstoffe


    Enabling quality control in a range of heavy industries where the purity of materials are critical.

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