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C, S analyzer inductar CS cube
inductar® CS cube
Inorganic elemental analyzer
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Advanced carbon and sulfur analysis of inorganic materials

Designed from a blank page, this high-precision CS analyzer for metallic and other inorganic materials only uses state-of-the-art technologies and offers easy handling as well as low maintenance. The inductar® CS cube is equipped with a long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace, which makes it possible to reach sample temperatures of above 2,000 °C. Thanks to the optional camera indulive, you can observe the gas release during the sample combustion in real-time. Carbon and sulfur are both analyzed by wide-range infrared (IR) detectors, which are capable to detect the whole concentration range. Thus, also little concentrations in the low ppm-range as well as higher concentrations of some weight percent’s are detectable.


Highlights of the inductar CS cube

No tedious and noisy cleaning with vacuum cleaner needed

thanks to the innovative crucibles and the intelligent instrument design

Easy handling & low maintenance

because of the intuitive software and the user-friendly, smart instrument and components design for daily routine operation

Reliable, unattended 24/7 operation

thanks to the various sampling options that include a fully automated autosampler with 89 positions

Live process control with the integrated camera indulive

that makes it possible to directly monitor the combustion process


No tedious and noisy cleaning with vacuum cleaner needed

A cleaner combustion than any system built in the past has ever managed is achieved with our inductar CS cube. The innovative instrument design in combination with the high ceramic crucibles reduces contamination of the system with dust and debris to an absolute minimum. The main reason for this is the top-down oxygen gas stream. With this approach a unique sheath gas flow is established, which minimizes adhesion of dust and debris at the inside walls of the combustion tube. Dust and debris, formed during combustion process, are captured inside the ceramic crucibles, as the higher sidewalls keep the splatter inside and most dust is pushed back to the bottom of the crucible. The easily accessible heated dust filter will capture all remaining dust before the gas is carried through the instrument. This intelligent set-up makes a vacuum cleaner needless and allow for parts like combustion tube, dust filter and even the consumables to be cleaned less often. This saves time and results in lower costs as well as more accurate measurement results.

Easy handling & low maintenance

The inductar CS cube is developed for unsurpassed user convenience and maximum robustness. The proprietary solid-state technology for the induction furnace ensures a virtually unlimited lifetime of components. This finally makes an exchange of aging oscillator tubes obsolete. Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components enable you to perform the few maintenance work that is needed within seconds. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures a reliably leak tight instrument at any time. The lifetime of used reagents is virtually monitored by indicators and prominently displayed in the intuitive instrument software. Therefore, the maintenance of the instrument is incredibly easy.

Reliable, unattended 24/7 operation with 89 position autosampler

The inductar CS cube can come with either one of two different sampling options to best suit your applicational needs. The convenient 89 position autosampler allows a fully automated high-throughput operation and is optimized for reliable and unattended 24/7 operation. Just prepare your samples and start the analysis before you finish your day and watch the completed analysis results first thing in hence the next morning. Thus, you can enjoy smooth analyses and confidence in your results.

Live process control with the integrated camera indulive

The highly optimized combustion process – a well-known highlight of the inductar CS cube – always guarantees reliable and accurate results. High quality materials, well-structured construction, and long-living components make the system unrivaled, robust, and durable. Nevertheless, for process control it is extremely valuable to visually monitor the combustion process. With indulive, a camera directly integrated into the instrument, the inductar CS cube offers the possibility to monitor the sample combustion live on your monitor.

Product details

The inductar CS cube is optimized for simultaneous carbon and sulfur analysis. The following modes are available:

  • CS mode
    The CS mode offers simultaneous carbon and sulfur analysis. It can either come with an automated sampler option with 89 sample positions or a manual sampler option with 2 sample positions.

Analysis method

High-temperature-combustion in pure oxygen atmosphere at above 2,000 °C, followed by purification of the analytical gas flow and subsequent gas analysis. CS-analysis is done according to ISO 15350, ASTM E1019 and further international standards.

Easy sample preparation and handling

All kinds of solid samples are weighed into ceramic sample containers (sample mass up to 1 g). No sample preparation needed. Additional additives might be required, depending on the sample material.

Clean and safe analysis

The innovative crucible design, together with a top-down oxygen gas stream, minimizes any dust inside the system. Furthermore, splattering of sample melt is prevented, which assures a virtually unlimited lifetime of the combustion tube.

Large concentration range

From 1 ppm up to 100 % element content. This means 60 mg carbon or 5 mg sulfur absolute.

Linear single/multipoint calibration

You, as the instrument operator, will be guided through the calibration by an intuitive calibration assistant. The transparently calculated calibration is editable and storable. Furthermore, templates can be stored for future calibrations. The calibration is linear and stable for months.

Only few operational requirements

The instrument requires only 628 mm x 607 mm of your laboratory working space and only needs one electrical connection and one operating gas for maintenance-free, long-term operation. No external cooling or vacuum cleaner required.

Different sample feeding options

The inductar CS cube offers the choice from an automated sampler with 89 sample positions as well as a manual sampler with 2 sample positions.

Full automation

Automated and unattended operation is possible with the integrated 89 position autosampler and PC-control through Windows®. Furthermore, optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available.


With manual sampler: 607 x 628 x 860 mm (W x D x H)

With autosampler: 607 x 628 x 1045 mm (W x D x H)

*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA

Optical camera

The optical camera indulive is available for observation of the combustion process.

Electronic analytical balance

Balance and elemental analyzer form a system. We offer convenient analytical balances from the leading manufacturers with our instruments. Automatic weight transfer from balance to software is possible.

Lab furnace

We recommend preheating the ceramic crucibles prior to combustion analysis. Especially when low carbon concentrations should be detected, clean and blank-free crucibles are needed. For this preheating step we offer several lab furnaces from leading manufacturers.

Halogen trap

Halogens from halogen containing samples have a major influence on the quantitative detection of carbon and sulfur. Thus, we optionally offer halogen traps for chlorine (intrap-Cl) and fluorine (intrap-F) for best measuring results.


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Determination of carbon and sulfur in refractories
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Optimizing the sample weight and accelerator for analyses with the inductar CS cube
Cost-efficient determination of carbon and sulfur in non-metallic inorganic materials due to minimized downtime
Highly repeatable determination of sulfur (and carbon) in copper base materials
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Precise carbon analysis in the refractory metals titanium and zirconium
Carbon and sulfur in iron-based alloys and pure iron materials
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Carbon and sulfur analysis in lithium battery materials
Carbon determination in titanium dioxide
Carbon analysis in silicon wafers
Benefitting from Elementar’s halogen trap for inorganic carbon and sulfur analysis
Improved data quality and highest system uptime by clean combustion
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