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Ensuring & screening of water quality
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Total organic carbon: One of the most important screening parameters in water analysis

Water quality is a topic of global interest affecting various application areas. Clean drinking water, surface water, or ultrapure process water in industry are indispensable for mankind, fauna, and flora. As a measure for organic pollution, the concentration of total organic carbon (TOC), which can be determined with our dedicated water analyzers, is one of the most important screening parameters in water analysis. In addition, the determination of nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations is covered by our analyzer portfolio. Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential elements for life, but also influence water quality and cause health issues.

We at Elementar incorporate more than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of TOC & water analyzers for industry and science. All types of water ranging from ultrapure water to wastewater are covered by our flexible TOC & water analyzers. Even difficult samples like sea water, concentrated chemicals and acids can be analyzed conveniently.

It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD


Learn why total organic carbon (TOC) measurement is the safer, more reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD) measurement in wastewater analysis in this white paper.

Whitepaper "It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD"

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Easy water analysis of industrial and domestic wastewater

Wastewater can contain high quantities of organic substances, resulting in considerable damage to the microorganisms used for purification in the activated sludge. Furthermore, it is important to monitor the TOC concentration of the outlet of wastewater treatment plants to determine the cleaning efficiency and prevent the discharge of insufficiently purified water. The analysis of wastewater poses certain challenges to TOC analyzers, due to high particle contents and high salt concentrations. Our enviro TOCand vario TOC cube water analyzers avoid sedimentation of particles during the entire injection process with integrated rinsing functions and pre-defined methods. High combustion temperatures ensure complete oxidation of particles, offering great repeatability and linearity. Due to the SALTTRAP matrix separation, the lifetime of combustion tube and catalyst is not affected, even at high salt loads. These features result in reduced maintenance efforts and save running costs.

TOC as indicator for quality changes in drinking water

Clean drinking water is essential to health, therefore it needs to be ensured that it is free of contamination and adverse effects for human consumption. Therefore, quality control of drinking water is a standard procedure worldwide. The TOC content is one of the parameters routinely determined in drinking water. Our analyzers are designed for this task and operate according to the international standard ISO 8245 or ISO 20236. The relatively low TOC concentrations in drinking water can be determined by our water analyzers with highest sensitivity, leading to ideal quality control.

Simple water analysis also for nitrogen and phosphorus determination

Surface water and groundwater quality is influenced by the environment and human activities. Beside other factors, the discharge of wastewater or the overfertilization of agricultural soils can have negative effects on the water quality. Our solutions for water analysis offer not only TOC analysis but outstanding versatility in measuring multiple elements in aqueous samples. The analysis of total bound nitrogen (TNb) according to EN 12260 to evaluate the nitrogen (mainly nitrate) load in water is covered by the enviro TOC and the vario TOC cube. The analysis of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) gives important information about overfertilization, which can lead to eutrophication. To evaluate TP and TN concentrations in water, extra modules of the acquray®can be used.

Our analyzers for water analysis

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