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Elemental analysis of polymers & rubber
Polymers & rubber
Ensuring product quality of polymers & rubber
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Elemental analysis secures product quality

The production of polymers and rubber crucially depends on the quality of the source materials in use. The determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur via combustion analysis can help to secure product quality in the production of polymers and rubber. This is why leading companies worldwide rely on our technology to test their source materials and products.

Elemental analysis for evaluation of source material quality

The material quality of ingredients for polymer and rubber production plays a crucial role in the production process. For the vulcanization of rubber, for example, sulfur-containing additives are used to reach specific product properties. The testing of source materials and products regarding elemental composition can therefore become an important tool in the evaluation of product quality.

Dedicated elemental analyzers for the synthetic materials industry

Elemental analysis of polymers or rubber often requires analysis of nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur in trace concentrations in the presence of very high carbon content. For this kind of application, an elemental analyzer needs to cover a very large dynamic measurement range - even when there is a great difference in relative elemental concentrations. Thanks to quantitative combustion and patented gas separation technology, Elementar provides reliable and universal solutions for this demanding application of CHNOS combustion analysis – and makes it easy for you to determine the elemental composition of your materials.

Quantitative combustion analysis

Elemental analyzers from Elementar provide a very broad dynamic detection range - from a few ppm to 100 %. The samples are combusted in a high-temperature furnace and converted into gaseous compounds, followed by cleaning of the gas mixture and separation into its components. The target gases are then measured with repeatability and accuracy of up to ± 0.1 % relative through specialized thermal conductivity and infrared detectors.

Our analyzers for polymer & rubber analysis

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