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Stable isotope analysis enables climate research

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human civilization, but determining future climate scenarios can only be built on the foundation of what we know has happened before. From understanding the variability in Earth’s climate and the possible mechanisms that drive global climate cycles, scientists have been able to develop highly sophisticated models of our future climate and are delivering crucial information to the public and government about the possible consequences of anthropogenic activity.

Stable isotope analysis works as a virtual paleo-thermometer, allowing readings of past earth temperatures in a variety of materials such as micro-fossils, ice cores, and tree rings. By combining this temperature information and extrapolating into the future, we may be able to avoid the worst outcomes and stable isotope analysis will play a crucial role in helping us do this. 

Highest precision for the analysis of carbonate materials

Climate signals are found throughout the seabed in the form of sedimented carbonate materials from ancient biota. The δ13C and δ18O isotope ratios of these materials are directly related to the ocean temperature at the time of their existence. Our inlet system, iso DUAL INLET,equipped with the iso CARB PREP, is capable of the highest precision δ13C and δ18O analysis of extremely small samples, as well as offers exciting new "clumped isotope" analysis. 

Ice core water analysis for temperature calculations

The isotopic ratio of precipitation is fundamentally dependent on the temperature of the oceans it evaporates from. Ice cores from the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions have been recording the isotope variation for millennia, making it possible to determine the temperature at the time that the ice was laid down. Our iso DUAL INLET, equipped with the iso AQUA PREP, is able to perform the highest δ18O and δ2H analysis compared to any other technique, reducing uncertainty in your temperature proxy calculations.

Understand isotopic ratios of greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are major drivers for climate change. If we want to understand the mechanisms for climate change, it is vital to decouple the anthropogenic contribution of these gases from the atmosphere from those that are the result of natural processes. Using iso FLOW GHG, you can investigate the isotopic ratios of the main greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH4 in atmospheric gas samples to help develop strategies to cope with climate change.

Our analyzers for climate research

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