• BiovisION
    Italian or Greek?
  • AnthrovisION
    Evidence or Conjecture?
  • EnvirovisION
    Natural or Contaminant?
  • EcovisION
    Predator or Prey?
  • GeovisION
    Snowball or Greenhouse?
  • PetrovisION
    Thermogenic or Biogenic?
  • AromavisION
    Natural or Synthetic?

isoprime visION Solutions

Simplicity is what isoprime visION is about. Creating something simple seems, well, simple. In fact, simplicity can only be achieved once the fundamental requirements of our customers are understood. With this clarity, isoprime visION offers a completely new experience of stable isotope analysis. An experience where the user is free from the routine chores of maintenance allowing them to focus on the science, not the instrumentation.

isoprime visION forms the core of our dedicated solutions across a range of applications. These solutions are pre-configured, complete configurations delivering everything that you need to generate exceptional research in your area of study. 

Each solution consists of an isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer and a single peripheral inlet system (e.g. elemental analyzer). The system can also be upgraded to a "plus" version by adding an additional inlet system if required (e.g. gas chromatogram). All isoprime visION solutions are powered by ionOS®, the most advanced stable isotope software ever created.

See how our array of dedicated isoprime visION solutions can help your research: