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Our modern world has been decisively shaped by the discoveries of chemistry. The central topics in chemical analysis are properties of elements and compounds, transformations of substances, and measurement methods to decipher the chemical composition of unknown samples. Modern elemental analysis has emerged from its classical applications in organic chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, where elemental analysis is an essential tool for the characterization of substances. In the pharmaceutical industry and research, elemental analysis helps to determine the purity of ingredients and reagents. Furthermore, the analysis of total organic carbon is used in quality control of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, ensuring the prevention of cross-contamination between product batches.

In medical and biochemical applications, stable isotope analysis is a useful key to understand biological processes that control human and animal physiology. Biochemical reactions and metabolic processes can be traced by non-invasive labeling techniques using enriched isotope tracers.

Our instrumentation for chemical applications

We offer high-performance elemental analyzers and stable isotope analyzers for the following applications in chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical industry and research:

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