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Animal feed for cows
Animal feed
Ensuring reliable and healthy feeding
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Cost-effective, high-throughput animal feed analysis

With increasing demands on efficiency and output, optimizing livestock diets is more important than ever. Key components of animal nutrition include protein and dietary fiber content. Measuring nitrogen content, and thereby protein content, by high-temperature combustion is a method that is been relied upon around the world. Ensuring reliable and consistent feeding, and therefore healthy and productive herds, through animal feed analysis is now easier than ever. 

Cost-effective animal feed analysis

Protein determination is one of the key analyses performed in the animal feed industry. It demands analysis results delivered with the highest precision and accuracy at an economic price. Our dedicated nitrogen and protein analyzers fully meet these requirements, ensuring cost-effective and eco-friendly animal feed analysis through high-temperature combustion according to Dumas combined with our resource-saving EAS REGAINER® Technology. Compared to the wet-chemical Kjeldahl analysis, nitrogen and protein analysis according to Dumas is faster, more cost-effective, less labor-intensive, and doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals. In addition, the use of the EAS REGAINER® Technology reduces maintenance time and cost and, using CO2 as inexpensive carrier gas instead of helium, the cost per analysis on our rapid N exceed® nitrogen and protein analyzer is as low as 0.25 €*, including chemical, electricity, and gas costs. 

* based on German end-user prices 

Ideal for high-throughput animal feed analysis

Animal feed analysis is characterized by high-throughput routine analyses. With its robust 90 positions autosampler, our nitrogen and protein analyzer  rapid MAX N exceedoffers automated analysis for the highest sample throughput in animal feed analysis. Measurements can easily and readily be set up to run unattended overnight. Even with larger sample sizes, the rapid MAX N exceed can analyze more than 1,000 samples before needing maintenance, thanks to the resource-saving EAS REGAINER® technology incorporated into our nitrogen and protein analyzers. 

Our instrumentation for animal feed analysis

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