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Energy is essential for our modern-day life and is the motor of our economy. Due to the rising demand for energy, the limited availability of fossil resources, and concerns for the environment, exploration of energy resources, and sustainable energy production are important topics of our time. 

In the exploration of energy resources, stable isotope analysis can help to understand the origin of oil and gas in any new reservoir. Therefore, stable isotope analysis is an essential tool to determine a reservoir’s suitability for exploration. 

In energy production, elemental analysis is established as a standard technique for fuel characterization. The determination of the calorific value of fuel forms part of the quality control process because it determines a fuel's quality and, as a result, also its market price. In addition, the analysis of fuels for their element concentrations is important for the determination of environmental compatibility and purity of fossil fuels, but also for renewable raw materials. 

In refineries, when it comes to the production of petrochemical products, efficiency is key in the production process. Knowing the exact element concentrations helps to optimize processes and to save costly resources. 

Our instrumentation for the energy sector

We offer high-performance elemental analyzers and stable isotope analyzers for the following applications in the energy and petrochemical industry and research: 

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