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TOC and TNb analyzer vario TOC cube
vario TOC cube
TOC analyzer
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TOC/TNb analysis without limitations

The vario TOC cube offers full flexibility and no sample limitations: It can measure TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, DOC, POC and TNb with the same basic unit. The wide sample range from ultrapure water, industrial wastewater, concentrated salt solutions or solids cannot be met by any other instrument. Furthermore, the vario TOC cube is optimized to deal with stable carbon compounds, such as humic acids or other rather persistent compounds. This always guarantees full recovery of every organic component and an outstanding accuracy.

Highlights of the vario TOC cube

Customizable for your applicational needs

offers the vario TOC cube a wide variety of possible configurations to perfectly meet your demands

Outstanding stable results even in lower ppb range

thanks to highly sensitive IR detectors and a stable, high-performing furnace

Easy & fast analyses

because of the user-friendly instrument concept for daily routine operation

Long lifetime & low running costs

with unique SALTTRAP matrix separation

It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD


Learn why total organic carbon (TOC) measurement is the safer, more reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD) measurement in wastewater analysis in this white paper.

Whitepaper "It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD"

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Customizable for your applicational needs

Based on one very compact basic unit, the vario TOC cube offers a wide variety of possible adjustments to make the instrument perfectly meet your demands. You could choose if you need manual or automatic sample feeding, analysis of liquids or solids as well as determination of TOC only or in addition with TNb. For the TNb analysis, we offer three different detectors that could be used: a two-channel infrared detector (IR) for CO2 and NO, chemiluminescence (CLD) or electrochemical detection (ECD). For TIC analysis in solids, a separate unit can be attached. This allows the most cost-effective and suitable solution for your analytical task.

Outstanding stable measuring results even in lower ppb range

The vario TOC cube combines the established and proven techniques of our organic elemental analyzers with many years’ experience in TOC analysis. The result is an analyzer with an outstanding range for TOC or TNb covering both the ppb level as well as the percent range and even solids analysis with high accuracy and reliability. 

Easy and fast analyses for daily routine operation

The vario TOC cube is optimized to significantly simplify the daily routine operation. Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components minimize maintenance efforts. The tool-free maintenance concept ensures a reliably leak tight instrument at any time. The autosampler is optimized for unattended 24/7 operation. Just prepare your samples and start the analysis before you finish your workday and evaluate your analysis results at the next morning. Thus, you can enjoy smooth analyses and confidence in your results.

Long lifetime & low running costs due to SALTTRAP matrix separation

During the combustion of salt-containing samples, the salts crystallize in the combustion tube. If the crystallization occurs directly in the catalyst or on the quartz glass, their lifetime is significantly reduced. The unique SALTTRAP of the vario TOC cube guarantees user-friendly maintenance intervals of the combustion tube and the catalyst even for concentrated salt solutions. This leads to significantly reduced running costs. Depending on the nature of the salt, a slight decrease in crystallization can be achieved by reducing the combustion temperature. However, only SALTTRAP guarantees effective glass corrosion protection because the salts are trapped directly at the point where they melt.

Future-proof thanks to 10 years guarantee

Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity of our vario TOC cube, we grant a 10-year guarantee on the high-temperature combustion furnace. With our long-term oriented dedication to technical support, we provide spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. This results in outstanding low total cost of ownership, giving you confidence in return of investment.

Product details

The vario TOC cube is optimized for TOC/TNb analysis. The following modes are available:

  • Liquid mode

The liquid mode offers different autosamplers for up to 80 sample positions. All positions can be stirred and purged. Alternatively, a cost-efficient solution with manual sample change is also available. The change between liquid mode and solid mode is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

  • Solid mode

The solid mode offers different autosamplers with up to 120 sample positions. Alternatively, a cost-efficient solution with manual sample change is also available. The change between liquid mode and solid mode is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

Analysis method

High-temperature catalytic combustion up to 1,200 °C and CO2-measurement with IR detection for TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, POC (VOC), DOC. TNb determination simultaneously with ECD, IR or CLD (optional).

Large detection range

From low ppb to percent. Variable sample volume allows also multipoint calibration from a single standard solution with auto-dilution-effect. Extraordinary linearity over the entire calibration range.

Modular concept for liquids and solids analysis

Large choice of automatic sample feeders for liquids and solids, alternatively cost-efficient solutions with manual sample change. Quick and easy exchangeable. Can be upgraded at any time.

SALTTRAP ensures low maintenance for salt-containing samples

The innovative combustion tube concept enables real matrix separation and offers maximum protection of the combustion tube. Leads to long lifetime and low running costs. Designed for analyses of salt-containing samples, particles, or other complicated sample matrices.

Supports validation

Complete qualification documentation for IQ, OQ and PQ according to international regulations.

In accordance with official standards

The vario TOC cube operates in full compliance with all relevant standards for TOC, TC, TIC and TNb in liquid samples such as ISO 20236, ISO 8245, EN 1484, EN 12260, SM 5310B, EPA 415.1, and ASTM D7573. Due to the unique solids option, TOC and TC can also be determined in solids like soil or waste according to EN 15936 and ISO 10694.

Software with high performance and maximum flexibility

Instrument control with a Windows®* standard PC, control and evaluation software with calibration wizard, system suitability test, statistics and advanced math operations, opt. according to 21 CFR part 11. Integrated maintenance software and comprehensive help menu.

Easy, compact, and economical

The unique instrument concept is characterized by easy handling and optimized for low maintenance costs – with high flexibility and analytical performance.

*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA

Sample injection modules for liquids

Large choice of automatic sample feeders for liquids, fully integrated into the instrument. All positions can be stirred and purged.

  • 32 positions with 40 ml vials with septa

  • 50 positions with 12 ml vials with screw taps

  • 80 positions with 6 ml vials

Alternatively, cost-efficient solution with manual sample change, with or without integrated stirrer available. Quick and easy exchangeable against solids sample feeder. Solids modules

Sample insertion modules for solids

Full automation for solids analysis with sample feeder for up to 80 samples (max. weight 1 g*) or up to 120 samples (max. weight 300 mg*). Alternatively, cost-efficient solution with manual sample change available. Quick and easy exchangeable against liquids sample feeder.

Attachment for TIC-determination in solids soliTIC

Attachment for safe acid digestion of ground solids. Release of the carbonate carbon (TIC) as CO2 for the measurement with the detector of the attached TOC analyzer. Comfortable sample change on permanently installed reactor.

  • Sample amount: up to 2 g

  • Measuring range: 1 µg - 10 mg TIC absolute

TNb determination

Choice of different detectors for the simultaneous determination of total bound nitrogen (TNb):

  • ECD - TNb detection with a cost-effective electrochemical cell

  • IR - TNb detection with infrared detector of high performance and extraordinary linearity

  • CLD - TNb detection with chemiluminescence detector

Control and evaluation unit

PC with hard disk, CD/DVD-ROM drive, Windows®** operating system (English), control- and evaluation software vario TOC cube, TFT flat screen monitor, ink jet printer with connection cable.

Helpful tools

Choice of additional helpful tools and accessories is available, such as certified liquid TOC standards, combustion tube stand or a single standard tray for easy handling and organization of solid samples.

*depending on sample matrix

** Windows is a registered trade mark from Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA


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Analysis of particle containing waste water with the vario TOC cube
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Analysis of TOC in industrial process water with the vario TOC cube
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Cellulose test with the vario TOC cube
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Fast determination of TOC in seawater with the vario TOC cube
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System suitability of the acquray® TOC and vario TOC cube for pharmaceutical applications
The analysis of low TOC concentrations in brine using the vario TOC cube
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TOC analysis in drinking water with the vario TOC cube
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