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Isotope ratio mass spectrometer system GeovisION
isoprime visION solution stable isotopes in geoscience
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A complete solution for stable isotope analysis in the Earth sciences

The GeovisION isotope ratio mass spectrometer system is an ideal solution for unpicking the complex processes controlling the natural world, providing market-leading performance within a compact design.

Stable isotope analysis is an established technique in the diverse field of Earth sciences and has been exploited with great success to further our understanding of this planet and others. Covering applications such as geochemistry, geology, climate change and hydrology, stable isotope analysis is invaluable to understanding the macro and micro-cycling mechanisms of the organic elements of C, H, O, N, and S through the biosphere by natural processes.

GeovisION has been developed to bring stable isotope analysis to a sophisticated audience looking for simpler instrumentation with improved resource efficiency, while retaining the high performance needed to analyze the most challenging samples.

Highlights of the GeovisION

Ease of use

Good-For-Go control allows one click instrument set-up

Advanced data analysis

with the most powerful stable isotope data processing software ever created

Minimal footprint

almost 50 % smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer

Low cost of ownership

thanks to instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced resource consumption


Ease of use

GeovisION has been optimized to deliver straightforward analysis and intelligent control, making it much easier to use than most systems of its kind. Key features include:

  • Complete automation of the entire system

  • Good-For-Go control technology, allowing instrument setup to be completed with a single click

  • Sophisticated stable isotope data processing software that represents the most powerful suite ever created for this application

Advanced sample analysis

GeovisION is one of the most capable systems available for Earth science analysis, with features including:

  • 100 V amplification for large dynamic range samples

  • Advanced purge and trap chromatography for exceptional separation of combustion gases

  • Zero blank ball valve sample introduction for low-concentration nitrogen analysis

  • A patented backflushing technique in pyrolysis mode that completely separates contaminant N2 from CO prior to analysis

  • Exceptional SO2 performance for analysis of inorganic sulfur-containing materials

  • Auto sample dilution

  • 120 position sample carousel that can be added to in real time, as well as being temperature-controlled to reduce water vapor contamination 


Minimal footprint

GeovisION is almost 50 % smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer currently on the market, combining a small form factor with impressive power and performance.

Low cost of ownership

GeovisION is designed to provide a low overall cost of ownership and maintenance, with instrument sleep/wake-up functions keeping consumption of resources to a minimum.

Product details

GeovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope-based analyses in the Earth sciences, consisting of the following modules:

Isotope ratio mass spectrometer isoprime visION

isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer

The isoprime visION isotope ratio mass spectrometer offers exceptional bulk and compound-specific isotope analysis. Developed for highest ease of use, simplicity is what isoprime visION is about. It offers a completely new experience of stable isotope analysis: an experience free from the routine chores of maintenance, focusing on the science, not the instrumentation. Thus, isoprime visION opens the power of stable isotopes even to laboratories yet inexperienced in the use of isotope ratio mass spectrometry. 


centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
centrION is the powerful core of the isoprime visION system. With complete automation through digital control, centrION is the central interface for isoprime visION’s inlet systems, as well as handling the monitoring and gas injections required for instrument performance checking.

Completely integrated into the isoprime visION footprint and handled intelligently by our lyticOS® Software Suite, centrION works seamlessly to perform complicated tasks with incredible simplicity.

With centrION, you are finally released from the daily maintenance routines of your instrument and you can focus purely on your science. 

Isotope ratio mass spectrometry software ionOS

lyticOS® GeovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing

lyticOS® Software Suite is the revolutionary new software for the isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer. It works in concert with the isoprime visION and centrION to provide an unrivalled level of intelligent control.

Designed completely from the ground up for an exceptional user experience, lyticOS® is the most sophisticated yet simple software suite ever created. Its clean user interface belies the level of sophistication within, giving you unrivalled capabilities to generate exceptional data with ease.

lyticOS® allows isoprime visION to reclaim responsibility for sample analysis from you by offering incredible functionality both pre- and post-acquisition, significantly reducing instrument contact time.

Elemental analyzer vario PYRO cube for EA-IRMS

vario PYRO cube® elemental analyzer for N, C, S, O & H isotope analysis

High-performance O and H isotope ratio analysis does not have to be complicated. The vario PYRO cube®perfectly adapts to your analytical demands for high-temperature EA-IRMS analysis, offering a blank-free pyrolysis reactor and our patented backflush technology, meaning you no longer have to worry about the distortion of analytical results through interfering gases.

The instrument can be operated in OH or in CNS mode, meaning it represents an all-in-one instrument solution for C, N, S, O, and H isotope analysis. In addition, our Advanced Purge and Trap (APT) separation technology of the analysis gases results in a large dynamic measurement range - samples from the low microgram up to the two-digit milligram range can all be analyzed.

The vario PYRO cube® is characterized by a low consumption of consumables, allowing the pyrolysis reactor to be used for several thousand samples. This reduces maintenance efforts and increases the system uptime, and - in combination with a low carrier gas consumption - helping to guarantee low operating costs.

In addition to these four core components, the GeovisION solution also provides a 120 position heated sample carousel.

Organic Geochemistry capabilities

Sometimes, working at the bulk isotope level does not give enough understanding of the intricate mechanisms that control the many subtle processes that occur in the biosphere. In these cases, utilizing compound-specific isotope analysis can be enlightening.

Analyzing sedimentary biomarkers, fatty acids, and amino acids with the Agilent 8890 GC and GC5 systemcoupled to GeovisION provides much greater possibilities to expand the scope of Earth science research into new and exciting areas.

Combined elemental analysis and isotope ratios

With GeovisION, it is possible to derive elemental composition data and isotopic ratio analysis from a single sample. Because high-performance elemental composition analysis can only be achieved when samples are accurately weighed prior to analysis, a six-figure analytical microbalance can be supplied with GeovisION for the highest performance.

Enriched isotope analysis

Stable isotopes can be used as a safe and powerful way to investigate complex biogeochemical processes. By spiking an experimental system with an artificially high amount of minor isotopes, the hidden mechanisms driving these processes can be elucidated.

GeovisION can be used to analyze these large enrichments simply thanks to its powerful 100 V amplifier, which represents the largest amplifier for stable isotopes on the market.

  • Mineral derived sulfates & sulfides 

  • Nitrates from the hydrosphere  

  • Biogenic silicate, carbonate, and apatite materials  

  • Soils, sediments & clays 

  • Organic materials 


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