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Customer Spotlight: AVEBE

Avebe has used Elementar’s rapid MAX N exceed to deliver faster and easier protein determination in the production of potato proteins for food applications.

Avebe, a production subsidiary of the international potato growers’ collective Royal Avebe, has invested heavily to increase production volumes for its signature potato protein product. The organization chose Elementar's rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer to make its protein determination and quality control quicker and more efficient, responding to growing consumer demand for these products.

Learn in our Customer Spotlight how Elementar’s system helped to address longstanding bottlenecks in Avebe’s production processes, and the additional safety and ease-of-use benefits the analyzer has delivered.

AVEBE headquarters in Veendam, Netherlands
The Avebe headquarters in Veendam, Netherlands

The precise measurement results in protein determination are a real plus point of the rapid MAX N exceed… In addition, the employees in the laboratory benefit from the short analysis time, and the significantly lower effort for protein determination compared to the Kjeldahl method.


Learn how Avebe has utilized rapid MAX N exceed’s versatile, efficient performance to achieve precise protein determination and quality control in the production of its potato proteins.

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About Royal Avebe

Royal Avebe is an international cooperative of potato growers, and the market leader in the area of potato protein for human consumption. Founded in 1919, the organization uses potato starch to develop new sustainable concepts, foods and products for international use, and has more than 2,000 members.

Instrumentation installed:

rapid MAX N exceed


Avebe KPW, Lüchow
29439 Lüchow

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