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Resources for the plant-based food industry

Elementar is dedicated to advancing sustainable food innovation and fostering knowledge exchange within the alternative protein community by sharing insights and informative content. We invite you to explore our application and technical notes, case studies, and more.

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Plant-based protein analysis: Enabling food innovation

Learn how protein analysis supports crop growers and plant-based food producers and discover the advantages of developing this capacity in-house in this guide.

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Fast and automated N/protein analysis of plant based protein food
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Learn how Elementar N/protein analyzers support plant-based food businesses at every step of the supply chain, providing fast and reliable results, regardless of the sample type or size. View detailed data for various plant-based protein powders, as well as milk, sausage, and burger analogues from different protein sources, each in six replicates.

Title page of the Beyond Meat Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: Beyond Meat
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In response to the ever-increasing demand for its healthy and sustainable food products, Beyond Meat expanded its analytical lab capabilities by investing in the rapid MAX N exceed analyzer. Discover how this nitrogen/protein analyzer streamlined ingredients and new product development.

Title page of the AVEBE Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: AVEBE
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Avebe turned to Elementar to increase production volumes for its signature potato protein product. They optimized protein determination and quality control with the rapid MAX N exceed analyzer, making the process safer, faster, and more efficient to meet increasing consumer demand.

Title page of the Plantible Foods Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: Plantible Foods
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Plantible Foods was looking to invest in new laboratory equipment to quantitate protein across different growth conditions for Lemna, and to track protein across its extraction processes. Learn how Elementar‘s rapid N exceed® helped to optimize production methods.

Helium-free, high performance N/protein analysis according to the Dumas principle
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The use of helium as an inert carrier gas for N/protein analyzers is well established and, until recently, served as the only option for Dumas analyzers. Learn about new carrier gas alternatives when using Elementar's N/protein analyzers for high-performance, cost-effective N/protein analysis.

Dumas – A well-established method for N/protein analysis
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Determining the total protein content is an essential tool for quality control and protein declaration according to international labeling laws in the food and feed industry and research facilities. Learn the advantages of N/protein determination according to the Dumas combustion method compared to the wet-chemical Kjeldahl method.

Looking for deeper insights into the plant-based food industry?

How Alternative Protein Drives a More Sustainable Food System

Join Dr. Lutz Grossmann, Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Jessica Mannix, Application Specialist at Elementar Americas, for an enlightening interview-style webinar as they explore the fascinating world of alternative protein and its pivotal role in driving a more sustainable food system.

Click the link below to watch the recording from September 14th, 2023.


Visit our "Plant to Plate" page to learn about N/protein analyzers for plant-based foods.

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