• TOC und TNb Analysator vario TOC cube


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  • TOC und TNb Analysator vario TOC cube


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  • TOC und TNb Analysator vario TOC cube


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vario TOC select

A world of versatile TOC analysis

Elementar’s vario TOC select is a revolutionary analyzer for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries and solids.

The analyzer combines ppb-sensitivity for measuring TOC or TNb in aqueous solutions with the accuracy and reliability of organic elemental analysis to automatically measure up to 100% carbon concentrations in any sample matrix. The oxidation of bound carbon is conducted by high-temperature digestion and catalytic post-combustion with a free selectable range of up to 1,200℃. 

Analysis is free of any spectral interferences, including SO2, and has an outstanding concentration range without sample dilution.

Multiple measuring modes

The analyzer has multiple modes for TC/TIC, TOC/NPOC, POC and DOC analysis.

CO2 detection

Formed CO2 is purified through a halogen trap with a subsequent three-step intensive gas drying system, while CO2 detection is conducted by a super wide-range NDIR photometer with extraordinary linearity.  

Newly-developed matrix separation system

The newly-developed matrix separation system serves for long-lasting, uninterrupted operation times, even for samples containing minerals (for example, seawater).

TNb determination

Determination of bound total nitrogen (TNb) as NO is conducted by an electrochemical sensor by means of ppb level.

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