• Optisches Emissionsspektrometer (OES) ferro.lyte


    Most compact OES metal analyzer,
    optimized for continuous operation on-site

  • Optisches Emissionsspektrometer (OES) ferro.lyte


    For ad-hoc analyses in laboratory quality.
    Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Optisches Emissionsspektrometer (OES) ferro.lyte


    Comfortable data processing and
    remote diagnostics thanks to felinOS® cloud

  • Optisches Emissionsspektrometer (OES) ferro.lyte


    For fast navigation through
    device settings and workflows

  • Optisches Emissionsspektrometer (OES) ferro.lyte


    Thanks to data export
    at the push of a button

  • Optisches Emissionsspektrometer (OES) ferro.lyte


    Precise analysis of nitrogen in duplex
    thanks to CONLYTE® technology


Precise metal testing. Anywhere. Anytime.

ferro.lyte is a mobile metal analyzer optimized for use in metal production, metal processing and metal recycling. ferro.lyte uses the principle of optical emission spectrometry (OES) with spark excitation. In contrast to conventional handheld instruments, ferro.lyte enables the precise analysis of elements with low atomic numbers such as C, P, S, B, Li, Be, Ca, Si, Mg, Al and the determination of nitrogen in duplex within a few seconds.

Intelligent OES design for highest flexibility

ferro.lyte convinces with its revolutionary design, which is designed for maximum user friendliness. The integrated argon bottle holder and a holder for the hand probe make the analyzer easy to transport and safe to operate - even without a trolley. Thanks to the low weight of < 16 kg and the compact design, ferro.lyte offers optimal conditions for ad-hoc analysis or positive material identification (PMI) at locations that are difficult to access.

As precise as a laboratory instrument

ferro.lyte is compact, lightweight and thanks to its design flexible and fast to use like a handheld. In terms of analytical performance, ferro.lyte is as precise as a laboratory instrument. Essential for correct measurement results and quality management.

Revolutionary operation

The intuitive user interface allows quick navigation through device settings and workflows. For example, the user can define which software functions are displayed in the main window. The user can choose between the classic analysis display or the alloy ID with target and actual values. Thanks to optical bonding technology, the clear and bright touch screen is easy to read even in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Easy reporting at the push of a button

Analysis results can be exported in a variety of ways: via USB or LAN connection from the analyzer, as well as via WLAN or Bluetooth connection. The powerful felinOS® cloud technology optimizes the provision and further processing of measurement results and thus facilitates cooperation with colleagues and business partners. This provides unsurpassed data processing (reporting) and traceability for on-site work at all times.

Unmatched OES nitrogen analysis in duplex

Elementar's innovative CONLYTE® technology significantly improves analytical performance for nitrogen in duplex. In addition, the long-term stability for the measurement of phosphorus, sulfur and boron is increased. In contrast to conventional systems, ferro.lyte uses an extended wavelength range for the determination of the nitrogen content that was previously only reached by laboratory instruments.
The extension of the wavelength range is achieved by the unique CONLYTE technology developed by Elementar (patent pending). Thanks to the CONLYTE technology, the air gap between the light channel and the plasma, which is common in mobile spectrometers, is completely sealed from the atmosphere. Atmospheric changes therefore cannot influence the measurement signal - a prerequisite for permanently reliable analysis results.

Cloud Service

The analysis results are automatically stored on the analyzer and can be uploaded to the secure felinOS® cloud at the same time. This enables new dynamic working methods. Analysis data can be quickly and efficiently shared and further processed. The measured values are available "On Demand" - if required at any time, even without access to the instrument - for further processing or distribution. This increases security and data availability at any time and anywhere.

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