• Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelanalysator inductar CS cube


    Durable solid-state induction technology
    Long-life combustion tubes

  • Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelanalysator inductar CS cube


    Feeds the sample from the top
    Smart guided gas flow

  • Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelanalysator inductar CS cube


    Minimum of dust and debris formation

  • Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelanalysator inductar CS cube


    Fully automated with
    up to 89 position autosampler

  • Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelanalysator inductar CS cube


    Optimized for secure and
    unattended 24/7 operation

  • Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelanalysator inductar CS cube


    Intuitive and multi-language software
    Easy accessible components
    Tool-free maintenance

inductar® CS cube

Advanced carbon and sulfur analyzer for inorganic materials

On white paper completely new designed, this high-precision CS analyzer for metallic or ceramic materials uses only state-of-the-art technologies. It is equipped with a long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace, which makes it possible to reach sample temperatures of up to 2000 °C. Thanks to an optional camera the gas release can be observed in real-time by the operator. Also for the element detection advanced technologies are used. Carbon and sulfur are both analyzed by wide-range IR detectors, which are capable to detect the whole concentration range. Thus, little impurities in the ppm-range and higher concentrations of some percentages by weight are detectable.

Innovative design and technology solutions for highest precision

The innovative design with its feeding system from top and intelligent gas flow direction reduces dust and debris to a minimum. This ensures high tidiness within the whole device, which makes any tedious cleaning operation unnecessary. Together with tool-free maintenance and intuitive, multi-language software, the inductar CS cube is really easy to use. Moreover, the optional 89 position autosampler allows a fully automated high-throughput operation. Due to its high precision, maximum user convenience and maximum robustness in 24/7 operation, the inductar CS cube fulfills all requirements for sophisticated R&D projects and daily routine operation as well. For those who wish to analyze even up to 5 elements with one and the same device, the inductar® EL cube is the instrument of choice.

Product video of inductar CS cube
inductar CS cube mit Monitor
inductar CS cube mit geöffneter Tür
Probenteller mit Keramiktiegeln
Probengreifer mit Keramiktiegel
Induktionsspule des inductar EL cube
Manueller Probengeber des inductar CS cube