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Criminal Investigation

The application of stable isotope analysis in the criminal forensics brings unique capabilities to the modern day crime laboratory. Harnessing the power of the unique stable isotope fingerprint makes it possible to determine similarities between different drug seizures and so follow trafficking routes back to their original clandestine source. The same principle can be applied to other criminal materials such as explosives or counterfeit money and goods. Stable isotopes can also be utilised to put unidentified corpses in to geographical context by comparing the stable isotope fingerprint of hair, bone, tooth and nails with known databases to evaluate the life history of the victim.


Criminal forensics publications using our instruments

Our customers use our instruments to do some amazing research in the criminal application field. To show you how they perform their research and how they use our IRMS instruments, we have collected a range of peer-reviewed publications which cite our products. You can find the citations below and then follow the links to the publishing journal should you wish to download the publication.

If you would like to investigate our available citations in more detail, or email the citation list to yourself or your colleagues then take a look at our full citation database.

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Tags: carbon , hydrogen , crim , poll , elem , gaschrom

Tags: carbon , hydrogen , nitrogen , sulfur , medi , crim , elem

Tags: carbon , nitrogen , crim , poll , elem