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Reduce Cost in Dumas N/Protein Analysis

The Dumas method of N/Protein determination utilizes metals such as tungsten or copper which are converted to their metal oxide form as part of the process. This is a major cost associated  to the cost-per-analysis of this method and requires frequent exchange of the metals for fresh reagents.

Elementar have developed a unique method whereby the metal oxide formed by reduction of Nitrogen is regenerated back into the active metal species enabling it be used again. This EAS REGAINER® method has enabled a reduction in the cost-per-analysis of up to 50% and increases reagent lifetime by approximately five times. This is achieved with no reduction in the method performance which still outperforms the requirements of internal standards for Dumas N/Protein analysis.

Two dedicated instruments for N/Protein analysis utilise the EAS REGAINER® method catering for differing customer requirements. For more information on the method performance and cost-per-analysis download the application note “Long-term accuracy of N/protein analysis utilizing the EAS REGAINER® technology” below.

For more details, please download our Technical Note "Long-term accuracy of N/protein analysis utilizing the EAS REGAINER® technology" by clicking on the link below and learn how to perform reliable and cost-effective N/protein analysis.

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Elementar Rapid N Exceed and Max N Exceed Models

Learn more about our N/protein analyzers rapid N exceed® and rapid MAX N exceed, using the EAS REGAINER® technology for cost-effective N/protein determination.

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