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Isotope ratio mass spectrometer system EnvirovisION
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Isoprime vision solution for quantifying the global nitrogen cycle
Source or sink?
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The ideal solution for quantifying the global nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen is an element of great paradox. Despite it constituting the most readily available gas in the Earth’s atmosphere most organisms have no ability to consume it, yet it is essential for their survival. Instead, organisms utilize reactive forms of nitrogen which are produced by a range of processes. With such dependency the bioavailability of reactive nitrogen is a major limiting factor on the productivity of an ecosystem. Following the development of inorganic fertilizers and the burning of fossil fuels through the industrial revolution, humans have been contributing more reactive nitrogen into the global nitrogen cycle for the last 100 years enabling us to feed our growing population but with significant consequences for our environment.
When reactive nitrogen is lost to the environment, numerous environmental problems such as smog, acidification, climate change, and eutrophication can result. To understand the mechanisms leading to these negative outcomes stable isotope analysis is incredibly powerful for elucidating the sources, sinks and cycling of nitrogen throughout terrestrial, atmospheric and marine ecosystems. 

EnvirovisION is a specially configured stable isotope analyzer for the isotopic analysis of atmospheric N2O and dissolved nitrate samples, and has been enhanced to utilize the new titanium (III) reduction method* making isotopic analysis of dissolved nitrate in environmental samples simpler and faster than ever before.

* Altabet, M.A., Wassenaar, L.I., Douence, C., Roy, R. (2019) A Ti(III) reduction method for one-step conversion of seawater and freshwater nitrate into N2O for stable isotopic analysis of 15N/14N, 18O/16O and 17O/16O, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, Vol 33, Issue 15, Pages 1227-1239. Link:

Highlights of the EnvirovisION

Great flexibility

Supports any nitrate method you choose to run as well as greenhouse gas analysis

High throughput

Analyze 70 samples a day using parallel processing giving 40% faster analysis than other systems

High data quality

Achieve the highest analytical performance with the most precise instrument available

Ease of use

Simple preparation of dissolved nitrate samples using new titanium (III) reduction method in less than 24 hours

Product details

EnvirovisION is a complete solution for dissolved nitrate sample analysis, consisting of the following modules:

Isotope ratio mass spectrometer isoprime visION

isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer

The isoprime visION isotope ratio mass spectrometer offers exceptional bulk and compound-specific isotope analysis. Developed for highest ease of use, simplicity is what isoprime visION is about. It offers a completely new experience of stable isotope analysis: an experience free from the routine chores of maintenance, focusing on the science, not the instrumentation. Thus, isoprime visION opens the power of stable isotopes even to laboratories yet inexperienced in the use of isotope ratio mass spectrometry. 


centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
centrION is the powerful core of the isoprime visION system. With complete automation through digital control, centrION is the central interface for isoprime visION’s inlet systems, as well as handling the monitoring and gas injections required for instrument performance checking.

Completely integrated into the isoprime visION footprint and handled intelligently by our lyticOS® Software Suite, centrION works seamlessly to perform complicated tasks with incredible simplicity.

With centrION, you are finally released from the daily maintenance routines of your instrument and you can focus purely on your science. 

Isotope ratio mass spectrometry software ionOS

lyticOS® EnvirovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing

lyticOS® Software Suite is the revolutionary new software for the isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer. It works in concert with the isoprime visION and centrION to provide an unrivalled level of intelligent control.

Designed completely from the ground up for an exceptional user experience, lyticOS® is the most sophisticated yet simple software suite ever created. Its clean user interface belies the level of sophistication within, giving you unrivalled capabilities to generate exceptional data with ease.

lyticOS® allows isoprime visION to reclaim responsibility for sample analysis from you by offering incredible functionality both pre- and post-acquisition, significantly reducing instrument contact time.

iso FLOW GHG greenhouse gas analyzer for IRMS with autosampler

iso FLOW GHG for δ15N and δ18O isotope analysis

The iso FLOW GHG uses cryogenic pre-concentration to enable the high precision isotope analysis of CO2 and N2O which are found at trace concentrations in the atmosphere. The automated chemical trapping and gas chromatography techniques utilized by the iso FLOW GHG allows the trace greenhouse gas to be isolated from other atmospheric constituents and delivered into the isotope ratio mass spectrometer without isotopic fractionation for the highest sensitivity of these low concentration gases.

Configured with a high throughput autosampler, the iso FLOW GHG can extract prepared N2O sample gases from septum sealed vials using our unique dual core needle. Standard sample racks allow 12 ml, 20 ml or 40 ml sample vials to be used whilst also supporting customized vial dimensions if required. 

Automated liquid nitrogen dispensing

For even higher sample throughput, using an automated liquid nitrogen dispenser allows the Dewar to be continually re-filled so that your system can run for extended periods of time.

Analysis of soils and organic materials

For further investigating the mechanisms controlling the cycling of reactive nitrogen species the vario ISOTOPE select elemental analyzer can be used for δ13C, δ15N, and  δ34S analysis of soils and organic materials.

Methane analysis

The iso FLOW GHG system can be upgraded for analysis of atmospheric concentrations of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Methane is combusted in a high temperature furnace (1500 °C) and combusted to CO2 which is then cryogenically focussed prior to being analysed for δ13C.

  • Dissolved nitrate in groundwater, surface water, sea water
  • Atmospheric CO2 and N2O
  • Atmospheric CH4 (optional)
  • Soils & organic materials (optional)


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Flyer EnvirovisION
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Front page of the Data Bulletin
Analysis of dissolved nitrate δ15N and δ18O isotopes for environmental studies using the EnvirovisION
Front page of the Data Bulletin
Zero isotope exchange between δ18ONitrate and δ18OWater using the titanium (III) reduction method
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Front page of the Data Bulletin
Titanium (III) Method - IAEA Intercomparison
Ti (III) Reduction Method for Nitrate stable isotope analysis
isoprime visION and precisION vacuum pumping efficiency
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Is this the future of nitrate isotope analysis?
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