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Two new drying agents, EAS WETSORBER® & EAS WETSORBER® S, replace discontinued Sicapent®

New water absorbers for elemental analysis

The production of the drying agent Sicapent has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Merck. We can now offer two new drying agents production as a replacement, developed by Elementar:

The new drying agents offer the following advantages:

  • Free-flowing granulate: non-sticky for faster and easier tube filling.
  • Longer maintenance intervals: EAS WETSORBER offers up to twice the lifetime of Sicapent, and EAS WETSORBER S matches the lifetime of Sicapent.
  • Consumption indicator: the orange indicator turns white and then dissolves when depleted.
  • Non-corrosive: no formation of phosphoric acid for safer handling.

Choosing the right drying agent:

The following table shows which drying agent is suitable for your analyser or operating mode:

inductar® CS cube CS
rapid MAX N exceedN 
rapid MICRO N cubeC | N 
rapid N
rapid N cube
rapid N exceed®N 
rapid OXY cube®O 
UNICUBE® traceCN | N 
vario EL
vario EL cube
vario MACRO
vario MACRO cube
CHN | CN | N | O*CNS
vario MAX
vario MAX cube
vario MICRO cubeCHN | CN | N | O*CHNS | CNS | S

We can’t yet offer an alternative to Sicapent for the following products: acquray®, iso TOC® cube, rapid CS cube, vario ISOTOPE cube, vario ISOTOPE select, vario MACRO cube (in CHNS mode), and the vario PYRO cube®. If you use one of these instruments, we’ll be in touch shortly to let you know about replacements. We’ve currently limited Sicapent supply to one unit per customer to ensure continuity. If you need any assistance, please get in touch at:
More detail:
Detailed filling instructions, safety data sheets and other important information can be found on our info page. This is especially relevant to users of the rapid N exceed®, rapid N cube or an inductar® CS cube.

From now on, all our products will be delivered with the appropriate WETSORBER drying agent. This applies to open instrument and consumable orders.
Please quote the new part numbers:

  • EAS WETSORBER: 100007805
  • EAS WETSORBER S: 100007821


EAS WETSORBER and EAS WETSORBER S can now be ordered via:

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