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A close look at the elementary components

District Administrator Thorsten Stolz congratulates Langenselbold-based company Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH on its 30th anniversary

For 125 years, instrumental elemental analysis has been an important part of everyday life and the world of work; without it, numerous chemical processes would not be possible. Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH, based in Langenselbold, has taken this anniversary as an opportunity to commemorate the beginnings of elemental analysis, its milestones, breakthroughs and pioneers in a publication. The Langenselbold-based company has been manufacturing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for a wide range of applications for 30 years. "We are looking back on a remarkable piece of industrial history and would like to use this book to highlight how important elemental analysis is not only for chemists all over the world, but for everyone - be it in the field of food analysis or the question of what substances are in the soil," explained Managing Director Albrecht Sieper in conversation with District Administrator Thorsten Stolz.

He paid a visit to the company's modern headquarters to mark the anniversary and talked to Managing Director Albrecht Sieper about current economic developments and the new company site at the city entrance of Langenselbold, which was opened a few years ago and is a port of call for employees from all over the world, including New York and Delhi. The proximity to highways 66 and 45 as well as Frankfurt Airport is an advantage here.

Visit of District Administrator Thorsten Stolz
District Administrator Thorsten Stolz (right) with Elementar Managing Director Albrecht Sieper (center) and Alexander Turowski (Head of Finance & Commercial Operations)

The roots of Elementar Analysensysteme go back to the analytical technology division of the Heraeus technology group based in Hanau. Elementar Analysensysteme was founded more than 30 years ago in Hanau and, with 270 employees worldwide, is one of the leading manufacturers of analytical instruments for non-metallic elements such as carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and chlorine in all organic and a large number of inorganic substances. Albrecht Sieper took over the management of the company a few years ago from his father Dr. Hans-Peter Sieper, who continues to assume responsibility on the Supervisory Board.

The company now has nine locations worldwide and has built up a global sales and service network in more than 80 countries. The site in Langenselbold alone employs 120 people. Brexit has made the exchange to the UK, where 35 people work for the Langenselbold-based company, somewhat more complicated. The bureaucratic hurdles in general also made processes more difficult and unnecessarily complicated, Albrecht Sieper noted. Functionality, short distances and compact and comprehensible processes are an important issue. In a "transparent factory", the company demonstrates how development, production, field testing, administration and sales effectively flow together under one roof.

Elemental analysis provides valuable information in the fields of water, food, education, health, environment, climate, energy and product quality, explained Albrecht Sieper. For this purpose, Elementar Analysensysteme produces a wide range of different high-performance analyzers that offer tailor-made solutions. The company is well positioned and the order situation is good. In addition to the analytical instruments, the company offers self-developed software products for data acquisition and data analysis. 

District Administrator Stolz praised the decision at the time to keep the company in the Main-Kinzig district, to allow it to grow here and to secure important jobs. "The Main-Kinzig district offers very good conditions, especially for medium-sized companies. We have a good transport infrastructure, a high quality of life and have also created the conditions for companies to be future-proof when it comes to digitalization by providing them with fast fiber optic connections," said the district administrator. Elementar Analysensysteme had already received the "Made in Main-Kinzig-Kreis" award from the district's business development agency when it moved into its new premises and has also been recognized several times as an innovative company that offers creative solutions for important areas of life. Elementar Analysensysteme has no problems finding employees. Nevertheless, the aim is to train more of its own employees, such as commercial staff, industrial mechanics and warehouse logistics specialists.

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