High Performance Carbon Isotope Analysis of LC separated compounds

Compound specific isotope analysis of aqueous samples by LC is highly advantageous for those compound classes which are thermolabile or require derivitisation prior to GC analysis. Samples such as carbohydrates, amino acids, alcohols, organic acids and peptides make ideal candidates for LC-IRMS and the technique has been employed to great success in food and biogeochemistry applications. The LiquiFace works as an interface for the LC system to provide quantitative on-line conversion of organic carbon to CO2 prior to analysis by the IRMS system. Isotopic precision, accuracy and linearity is exceptional due to the highly efficient quantitative conversion of the organic carbon to CO2. This level of performance means that the LiquiFace is able to cover a range of sample types with a complete independence upon sample concentration, making the analysts life even simpler.

  • 100% quantitative conversion of organic carbon to CO2 with sodium persulfate oxidation
  • Robust and thermally stable micro-reactor
  • High efficiency water separation membrane for extraction of dissolved CO2 into He carrier gas with no isotopic fractionation
  • On-board peristaltic pumps provide easily maintained flows of reaction reagents
  • Connection to any standard LC or IC pumping system using finger-tight peek union connections
  • In-line direct injection valve and 25 μl sample loop for performing “bulk” δ13C isotope analysis of aqueous samples
  • Exceptional tolerance to high oxygen loads