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Isotope ratio mass spectrometer system EcovisION
isoprime visION solution for stable isotope ecology
Predator or prey?
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Accelerating essential ecology and agronomy research

The EcovisION isotope ratio mass spectrometer system provides comprehensive, high-performance stable isotope analysis in the field of ecology, providing you with the power to deliver unparalleled insights into the complex interactions of the living world.

The stable isotope analysis capabilities of EcovisION make it possible to elucidate intricate marine food webs, aiding conservation, and shaping policy for protection of vulnerable species; on land, it can trace animal migration patterns over continents by tracking their unique isotopic signatures, while in agriculture, it can deliver insights into the intricate dynamics of the crop/soil interface.

Developing our understanding of these innate relationships aids our stewardship of the natural ecosystem to ensure that future generations enjoy the same wonders that we do today. In this regard, EcovisION is a tool that truly has the power to change the world.

Highlights of the EcovisION

Ease of use

Good-For-Go control allows one click instrument set-up

Advanced data analysis

with the most powerful stable isotope data processing software ever created

Minimal footprint

almost 50 % smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer

Low cost of ownership

thanks to instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced resource consumption


Ease of use

EcovisION provides straightforward analysis and intelligent control, making it incredibly easy to use. Key features include: 

  • auto sample dilution 

  • automated gain switching for isotopically enriched sample analysis 

  • 120 position sample carousel that can be added to in real time 

  • Good-For-Go control technology, allowing instrument setup to be completed with a single click 

Advanced data analysis

Ecology researchers can benefit from cutting-edge analytical capabilities with EcovisION, with features including: 

  • 100 V amplification for large dynamic range samples 

  • advanced purge and trap chromatography for exceptional separation of combustion gases 

  • zero blank ball valve sample introduction for low-concentration nitrogen analysis 

  • sophisticated stable isotope data processing software that represents the most powerful suite ever created for this application 

Minimal footprint

EcovisION is almost 50 % smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer currently on the market, making it the most compact solution available, as well as one of the most powerful.

Low cost of ownership

Elementar has designed EcovisION with instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources, while a ten-year furnace warranty is also included to safeguard the long-term reliability of the system.

Product details

EcovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope ecology, consisting of the following modules:

Isotope ratio mass spectrometer isoprime visION

isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer

The isoprime visION isotope ratio mass spectrometer offers exceptional bulk and compound-specific isotope analysis. Developed for highest ease of use, simplicity is what isoprime visION is about. It offers a completely new experience of stable isotope analysis: an experience free from the routine chores of maintenance, focusing on the science, not the instrumentation. Thus, isoprime visION opens the power of stable isotopes even to laboratories yet inexperienced in the use of isotope ratio mass spectrometry. 


centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
centrION is the powerful core of the isoprime visION system. With complete automation through digital control, centrION is the central interface for isoprime visION’s inlet systems, as well as handling the monitoring and gas injections required for instrument performance checking.

Completely integrated into the isoprime visION footprint and handled intelligently by our lyticOS® Software Suite, centrION works seamlessly to perform complicated tasks with incredible simplicity.

With centrION, you are finally released from the daily maintenance routines of your instrument and you can focus purely on your science. 

Isotope ratio mass spectrometry software ionOS

lyticOS® EcovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing

lyticOS® Software Suite is the revolutionary new software for the isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer. It works in concert with the isoprime visION and centrION to provide an unrivalled level of intelligent control.

Designed completely from the ground up for an exceptional user experience, lyticOS® is the most sophisticated yet simple software suite ever created. Its clean user interface belies the level of sophistication within, giving you unrivalled capabilities to generate exceptional data with ease.

lyticOS® allows isoprime visION to reclaim responsibility for sample analysis from you by offering incredible functionality both pre- and post-acquisition, significantly reducing instrument contact time.

Elemental analyzer vario ISOTOPE select for EA-IRMS

vario ISOTOPE select for nitrogen, carbon and sulfur isotope analysis:

The vario ISOTOPE selectis a workhorse elemental analyzer dedicated to stable isotope analysis, combining reliable results with outstanding robustness. It utilizes Elementar’s direct temperature programmed desorption (direct TPD) column, meaning full baseline resolution during simultaneous CNS isotope ratio analysis is always guaranteed.

Outstanding precision and accuracy are guaranteed through quantitative combustion via a controlled oxygen jet injection directly into the active zone. This leads to matrix-independent results even for samples that are difficult to combust.

The vario ISOTOPE select offers the fastest CNS isotope ratio determination, with analyses taking less than nine minutes. During operation, all sample positions are accessible and reloadable at any position and time, while the instrument is also designed for safe unattended overnight measurements. 

In addition to these four core components, the EcovisION solution also provides amplifier gain switching for enriched isotope analysis. 

Microbial ecology analysis:

All creatures exist in complex ecosystems, but not all ecosystems are easily observable. The highly complex and important interactions that occur within a soil environment, for example, have a great impact on soil quality and productivity, but can be difficult to analyze precisely. 

By adding a compound-specific isotope approach to EcovisION allows these dynamic relationships within the soil mesofauna to be elucidated by analyzing an array of organic compound classes. The GC5 systemoffers exceptional levels of detection, with simple ease-of-use ensuring that even the smallest creatures can be investigated with EcovisION.

Isoscape database development:

As migrating creatures travel through a landscape, they incorporate the δ18O and δ2H signatures of the local precipitation into their physiological being. This means that understanding the variation of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in local precipitation can be used as a way to examine the migration patterns of hard-to-observe animals, such as birds and insects. Adding the vario Liquid Sampler to EcovisION makes fully automatic analysis of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes quick and simple.

Understand paleoecology with pyrolysis:

Understanding ancient ecosystems is possible through the analysis of the δ18O signature of fossilized bone apatite and enamel. Following extraction of the apatite from the remains, it must be prepared as silver phosphate prior to stable isotope analysis.
The vario PYRO cube® elemental analyzer offers exceptional pyrolysis performance and gas separation, thanks to the unique backflush technology used to perform complete separation of analytical CO from contaminant N2.

Combined elemental analysis and isotope ratios:

With EcovisION, it is possible to achieve elemental composition data and isotopic ratio analysis from a single sample. Since high-performance elemental composition analysis can only be achieved when samples are accurately weighed prior to analysis, a six-figure analytical microbalance can be supplied with the instrument for the highest performance.

  • Tree and plant material 

  • Animal, bird, and fish materials 

  • Plankton, insects 

  • Soils and sediments 

  • Ground waters, plant waters 

  • Glass fiber filter samples 

  • Enriched isotope tracers 

  • PLFAs 

  • Alkanes 

  • Biomarkers 


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