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Organic elemental analyzer UNICUBE
Organic elemental analyzer
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The workhorse in elemental analysis

Meet the workhorse in elemental analysis: the UNICUBE. This elemental analyzer combines the low operating costs and the high sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the dynamic measurement range of a macro analyzer. The UNICUBE is designed for simultaneous carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur analysis in solid and liquid samples, ranging from 0.1 mg chemical substance to 15 mg of liquid fuel to 1 g of inhomogeneous soil. Additionally, the analyzer offers options for oxygen and chlorine determination and is designed for highest system uptime thanks to its low-maintenance design. Because of its high level of automation and low noise level, the UNICUBE is especially pleasant to work with.

Highlights of the UNICUBE

Great sample flexibility

for a wide range of elemental concentrations and sample weights, with options for oxygen and chlorine analysis

Reliable, matrix-independent results

even for samples that are traditionally difficult to combust

Outstanding hydrogen and sulfur measurement capabilities

including simultaneous CHNS analysis even for sub-µg sulfur concentrations

High system uptime

thanks to low-maintenance design


Great sample flexibility thanks to direct Temperature Programmed Desorption (direct TPD) technology

Through the use of our direct TPD technology, which stands for highest reliability and performance in gas separation, and in combination with the most powerful detector on the market, the UNICUBE offers great sample flexibility. The direct TPD technology guarantees a large dynamic measurement range, enabling the analysis of samples with C:N and C:S elemental ratios of up to 12,000:1 with reliable baseline separation. This allows for the analysis of homogenous substances of small sample weights (0.1 mg) as well as the analysis of inhomogeneous samples up to 1 g. The UNICUBE can analyze samples with a maximum carbon content of 14 mg (50 mg in CN mode) and offers optional upgrade kits for the determination of sulfur via infrared detector, oxygen, and chlorine.

Reliable results due to blank-free sample introduction and jet-injection of oxygen

UNICUBE offers analysis results with highest precision and accuracy. This is due to our patented ball valve sample introduction, which introduces samples blank-free into the analyzer. This is especially beneficial to trace nitrogen analysis. Furthermore, the jet-injection of oxygen directly to the point of combustion and the high furnace temperatures of up to 1,200 °C ensure a complete conversion of the sample to measuring gas –  a prerequisite for highly precise, matrix-independent elemental analysis.

Outstanding hydrogen and sulfur measurement capabilities

To reliably deliver precise hydrogen and sulfur concentration measurements, the UNICUBE’s tubing is actively heated. This prevents the condensation of traces of water inside the system and thus the misquantification of hydrogen and sulfur. Furthermore, the UNICUBE can be outfitted with an infrared (IR) detector for trace sulfur analysis. In just a single analysis the user can simultaneously collect CHN data with the thermal conductivity detector and sub-µg sulfur data with the IR detector.

High system uptime through low-maintenance design

The UNICUBE is designed for fast and automated elemental analysis as well as for unattended 24/7 operation. It features a 120 position autosampler, which is reloadable at any time. Its big ash finger and long-lasting calibration result in extremely low maintenance, ensuring highest system uptime. Whenever maintenance is necessary, our user-friendly clamp connections ensure a tool-free experience, while the slide-out furnace guarantees easy accessibility and a comfortable working posture. Thanks to its novel, self-regulating cooling air circulation, it is the quietest elemental analyzer in its category and contributes to a low noise level in your laboratory.

Future-proof thanks to 10 years guarantee

Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity of our UNICUBE, we grant a 10-year guarantee on the high-temperature combustion furnace and the thermal conductivity detector cell of the thermal conductivity detector (TCD). With our long-term oriented dedication to technical support, we provide spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. This results in outstanding low total cost of ownership, giving you confidence in return of investment.

Product details

The UNICUBE is optimized for the analysis of: 

  • CHNS 
  • CHN 
  • CNS 
  • CN 
  • O* 
  • Cl*

* optionally available

Weighing range

Large weighing range spanning from micro (< 1 mg) to macro (around 1 g of soil) applications and up to 15 mg of organic matter.

Element concentration range 

Large dynamic concentration range: 
C: Up to 14 mg absolute or 0 - 100 % (0 - 50 mg in CN mode*) 
H: Up to 2 mg absolute or 0 - 100 % 
N: Up to 10 mg absolute or 0 - 100 %  
S: Up to 3 mg absolute or 0 - 100 % 
O*: Up to 6 mg absolute or 0 - 100 % 
Cl*: Up to 1.2 mg absolute or 0 - 100 %


< 0.1 % absolute (homogeneous substance), depending on sample type, analysis mode, and configuration

Analysis time 

≥ 7 min for simultaneous CHNS determination, self-optimizing depending on element content and sample weight. Depending on sample type, analysis mode, and configuration.

* optionally available

High-temperature combustion unit: 
Complete sample digestion at up to 1,200 °C (or 1,800 °C at the point of combustion when tin foil is used) with a ten-year furnace warranty. A jet injection of oxygen directly to the sample leads to the highest oxygen concentrations at the point of combustion, as well as low gas consumption. 100 % recovery is guaranteed even for samples, that are traditionally hard to combust.
Purge and trap chromatography: 
Separation of gaseous components via our TPD column. This column releases individual gases at different temperatures. The release of a gas is only initiated when the prior gas peak has reached baseline. This results in perfect peak separation without overlap, and automatic optimization of the analysis time.


  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
  • Infrared (IR) Detector* for sulfur and oxygen
  • Electrochemical Detector* for chlorine

Sample introduction 

  • Integrated 60*, 80*, 120, or 240* positions autosampler (for solids and liquids in capsules), reloadable during analysis
  • Integrated 2 ml vial, 50 positions liquid autosampler with rinse and waste vial*, reloadable during analysis

Maximum furnace temperature 

1,200 ° C (whereby 1,800 °C is briefly reached at the combustion point when using tin foil)

Instrument control 

Windows® based UNICUBE® operating software with LIMS integration and auto sleep and wake-up function for automated and unattended overnight operation. 21 CFR Part 11 functionality available.*

Required gases 

Helium or argon and oxygen


48 x 55 x 57 cm (W x D x H)

* optionally available

Electronic balance:

Balance and elemental analyzer form a system. We offer analytical balances from the leading manufacturers with our instruments. Please contact us for further information.

Sample former and pressing tools:

For simplified sample preparation, we offer a manual tool for compressing samples in tin foil or cups, and a mechanical press for the preparation of pellets with paper wrapping.

Capsule sealing press: 

Tool for the exact dosing and gas-tight sealing of tin or silver capsules, for liquid and sensitive samples.


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