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Environmental analysis for ensuring a healthy environment
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Environmental analysis

Environmental analysis is highly important to understand and protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future. The monitoring of water, soil, and air is indispensable to evaluate environmental pollution and to develop effective management strategies. Furthermore, environmental analysis is used in research to understand complex environmental processes. With the derived knowledge, future-limiting factors for flora, fauna, or climate can be encountered and the impact on human, animal, and plant life can be estimated.

A broad range of applications in environmental analysis

Environmental analysis covers many different applications. The total organic carbon (TOC) is one of the most important screening parameters for the determination of organic pollution in different matrices. In contrast to the analysis of single compound analysis, the TOC value represents the sum of all organic carbon compounds in a matrix or sample. Consequently, it is a parameter, which can be determined fast and effectively to evaluate the organic pollution and quality of water, soil, or waste. For a better understanding of the Earth and its processes, stable isotope analysis is used. It helps us to get deeper insights into the Earth's history and enables research for a better oceanographical, hydrological and ecological understanding. Furthermore, future climate scenarios are built by readings of past earth temperatures, that are extrapolated into the future.

Flexible, reliable TOC analysis

Our total organic carbon analyzers for environmental analysis offer industry-leading versatility in TOC analysis. Our instruments are designed for delivering highly precise analysis results, combined with a long lifetime and low running costs. Our user-friendly, intuitive software and tool-free maintenance make the operation incredibly easy. The autosampler of our TOC analyzers is fully automated and efficiently leads to precise measurement results. The robust design guarantees the highest possible uptime for routine operation.

Dedicated stable isotope solutions for environmental analysis

Our broad range of instrumentation for environmental analysis offers dedicated solutions for different application areas. Whether you need a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer that offers full flexibility or a pre-configured, customized instrument configuration: our analyzers deliver the highest performance and precision combined with easy handling. Researchers trust our IRMS systems because they know that our systems deliver best results and reliably support research projects.

Our instrumentation for environmental analysis

We offer high-performance total organic carbon analyzers and stable isotope analyzers for environmental analysis in the following applications:

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