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Elementar headquarters
Elementar headquarters
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Excellence in elements

Elementar Australia – Your partner for excellent elemental analysis. Elementar serves the Australian market for more than 25 years – since 2014 with the local company Elementar Australia Pty Ltd.

Elementar is arisen from the Analytical Instrumentation Department of the Heraeus technology group, in the Rhine Main area near Frankfurt, Germany. Nowadays, we are a constantly growing, owner-managed company with nine locations worldwide. Together with our sales and service network, we serve more than 80 countries with our solutions. We help you, our customers, to support the quality of life whenever water, nutrition, education, health, environment, climate, energy or product quality are involved. We make life understandable in its elements, to explain it and to preserve it. Constantly. Simple. 

We aim to provide you with the best solution for your applicational needs. To achieve this, we are constantly working on innovations and strive for the highest quality. In addition, we attach great importance to comprehensive customer support and pursue a strong sustainable approach – in ecological as well as economic terms. This is reflected in the use of high-quality materials for longest lifetime of our instruments, in our headquarters, which follows a sustainable construction and energy concept and also in a business model that ensures our long-term success.  

We always find it fascinating how individual elements shape the world.

Albrecht Sieper, Director of Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH about Elementar 

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You want to know more about the history of elemental analysis?

Our book "125 Years of Instrumental Elemental Analysis - A success story" offers you deep insights into the development of elemental analysis from the very first beginning up to latest trends nowadays. Which pioneers have laid the foundation for elemental analysis with their innovative ideas and research? How has elemental analysis developed from the early stage to an industrial produced technology? What is the technological platform that the method is based on and which applications can be covered? Which role have we as Elementar played in the development of elemental analysis? All these questions are getting answered in the book. Enjoy reading.

Front cover "125 Years of Instrumental Elemental Analysis"

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