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Dual inlet analyzer iso DUAL INLET
High-precision dual inlet analyzer
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Highest precision pure gas analyzer

Dual inlet technology is the most precise, accurate and sensitive technique for pure gas, carbonate and water analysis. Because of this, the iso DUAL INLET has a unique role in the paleoclimate applications where instrumental precision contributes directly to the precision of paleoclimate models. Whilst the world's climate continues to behave erratically, we must try to understand what has happened throughout Earth's history before we can attempt to predict what might happen in the future. To elucidate this complicated story, the iso DUAL INLET is a valuable tool for paleoclimatologists to build a detailed understanding of the past to better inform policy makers who might just be able to influence the future of our planet.  

Highlights of the iso DUAL INLET

High sensitivity

enables the analysis of both large and small sample volumes, even small volume COsamples

High precision measurements

of carbonate and water samples, with the world’s highest precision in δ¹⁸O analysis of water samples

Small footprint

ideal for busy laboratories who value lab bench space

High operating comfort

thanks to a high level of automation and low maintenance


Analyze the smallest to the largest samples with ease

The iso DUAL INLET provides a high dynamic range for sample analysis which means you can analyze the smallest foraminifera sample to the largest without consideration. This is achieved by the complete, automatic software control of two stepper-motor driven high compression ratio bellows. In addition, the patented micro-volume automatic cold finger allows the analysis of very small samples. Hence, even small volume CO2 samples can be measured with the highest precision and accuracy.

High precision measurements 

iso DUAL INLET delivers the highest precision in DI-IRMS analysis. A finely balanced flow of the sample and reference gases into the isoprime precisION IRMS systemensures an identical treatment of both gases to avoid potential errors. Furthermore, the dual inlet analyzer features 14 ultra-low dead volume valves with bodies machined from a single block of high purity stainless steel to reduce dead volume as much as possible, and a dedicated turbomolecular pump for the changeover valve guarantees zero residual memory effects between switching. These technical features result in the world’s highest precision in δ¹⁸O analysis of water samples.

Small footprint saves valuable lab bench space 

Lab bench space is valuable. The iso DUAL INLET satisfies with its incredibly compact footprint with self-contained electronics and vacuum system making it significantly smaller than competitive systems. 

High operating comfort thanks to a high level of automation and low maintenance 

By using the lyticOS® Software Suite, complete automation of iso DUAL INLET is possible for minimum instrument contact time. For example, lyticOS automatically handles sample gases expansion and chopping routines to bring the sample gas intensity into range without having to be pre-programmed to do so. The large capacity 100 ml reference gas bellows permit long automated runs without the need for refilling. Together with highly dependable and robust valve seats which are proven to last for millions of operations without maintenance, iso DUAL inlet offers highest system uptime. 

Product details

Dual inlet analyzer iso DUAL INLET

The iso DUAL INLET uses vaccum technology to manipuate reference and sample gases before passing them to the isoprime precisION stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer for isotopic analysis. To do this, the instrument uses turbomolecular pumps and an array of low internal volume valves to isolate and expand the gases without causing isotopic fractionation. Reference and sample gases pass through identical parallel pathways where they are intensity matched using the variable stepper motor controlled bellows. Finally, they pass to the dedicated changeover valve which alternates sample and reference gas admission to the ion source for analysis. This enables multiple analyses of a single sample leading to enhanced statistical analysis and thus significantly improves the analytical standard error, resulting in greater confidence in the result.  
The iso DUAL INLET is compatible with the isoprime precisION stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer and takes advantage of our powerful lyticOS® Software Suite. lyticOS® makes it possible to simply optimize methods and routines as well as providing powerful analytics and read-backs from the instrument so you can ensure that your sample analysis runs perfectly. With completely new software and electronics, the iso DUAL INLET is set to provide labs with the very highest performance for many years to come.

Combine both analyses into a single instrument 

By enhancing the iso DUAL INLET with the iso MULTI PREP, your instrument performs high precision carbonate and water analysis in a single instrument, making it an invaluable tool for climate change science. No other instrument is able to offer the analysis of carbonate and water sample in dual inlet mode making the iso MULTI PREP unique in its capabilities. Switching between modes is done within minutes by simply changing the needles.  

The most precise δ18O analysis of water samples in the world 

When you need the highest possible δ18O precision of water samples, the iso AQUA PREP cannot be beaten. The iso AQUA PREP offers better than 0.05 ‰ (1σ, n = 10) sample precision on water samples which cannot be beaten by continuous flow IRMS systems or cavity ringdown spectroscopy systems. The iso AQUA PREP uses an equilibration technique where the headspace above the water sample in a septum sealed vial undergoes an isotopic exchange with the water sample and therefore is an excellent solution for water samples contaminated with dissolved organic compounds. The instrument can analyze up to 180 samples in a single sequence and delivers exceptional stability with no drift or intra-sample memory evident throughout a 180 sample sequence.  

The most sensitive and precise carbonate measurements 

iso DUAL INLET can be enhanced with our iso CARB PREP system for the automated analysis of carbonate materials down to 20 µg with the highest precision for δ13C and δ18O. iso CARB PREP uses a dual core needle to evacuate and deliver acid using a direct-drive acid pump into a septum sealed sample vials. Up to 180 sample vials can be accommodated in the heated sample tray giving unparalleled sample throughput capabilities. Using the dual core needle allows product CO2 to be frozen in real-time in the microvolume LN2 cold finger which consumes minimal LN2 due to the thermocouple controlled cooling. All of these features are incorporated into a incredibly compact, bench-top instrument giving the highest performance carbonate analysis in the smallest foot print.  

Automated analysis of pure gases 

For laboratories looking to automate the analysis of pure gases prepared using traditional off-line preparation systems, the iso DUAL INLET can be enhanced with the iso MANIFOLD system. The iso MANIFOLD can analyze up to 50 pure gas samples prepared into valve sealed glass manifold tubes or up to 20 pure gas samples prepared into break-glass ampules and our specially designed cracker tubes. Switching to an automated system rather than running manual single-sample analyses can significantly increase sample throughput and reduce operator contact times. The iso MANIFOLD system is compatible with the iso CARB PREP, iso AQUA PREP, and iso MULTI PREP systems with no compromise in performance of any analysis. 

  • Pure gases such as CO2, H2, SO2 and O2 can be analyzed using the iso DUAL INLET system. 

  • The iso DUAL INLET system can be utilized as a continuous flow monitoring gas injection system for the isoprime precisION IRMS. This has particular advantage when it comes to handling toxic gases such as SO2 and CO by limiting the total amount of toxic gases in the laboratory. 

  • Upgrade the IRMS collector configuration to perform clumped isotope analysis (D47) of carbonate materials. 

  • Pure gases such as CO2, O2, H2, and SO2 using the basic iso DUAL INLET, or through an automated iso MANIFOLD inlet system 

  • Ground waters, ice core, biological waters using the iso AQUA PREP inlet device 

  • Carbonate minerals and fossilized carbonates using the iso CARB PREP inlet device  

  • Analyse both carbonate materials and water samples using the iso MULTI PREP inlet device 

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