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Oxygen analyzer rapid OXY cube
rapid OXY cube®
Oxygen analyzer
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Oxygen analysis has never been more reliable

Experience highly accurate and precise oxygen analysis – even in the low ppm range - with our rapid OXY cube. This oxygen analyzer delivers matrix-independent results as sample pyrolysis takes place at 1,450 °C in an extra-long furnace hot zone. To enable trace oxygen analysis, the system blank is reduced to almost non-existent levels thanks to innovative sample introduction methods and a blank-free pyrolysis reactor made from glassy carbon. In the standard configuration, oxygen is detected as CO via a thermal conductivity detector. Thanks to our patented backflush technology, the target analyte CO is completely separated from interfering gases. To experience an unparalleled oxygen detection limit of 10 ppm, the rapid OXY cube can be equipped with an IR detector, which only responds to CO. The high sensitivity and linearity of this IR detector hold the key to oxygen analysis in the low ppm range. 

Highlights of the rapid OXY cube

An unparalleled limit of detection

achieved via a highly sensitive and linear IR detector as well as a blank-free pyrolysis reactor

Highly precise, reliable oxygen analysis

a pyrolysis temperature of 1,450 °C guarantees matrix-independence

A nearly indestructible pyrolysis reactor

made of glassy carbon, which lasts up to ten thousand analyses and is inert to fluorinated samples

High operating comfort

delivered via tool-free maintenance, a liquid autosampler, and unattended overnight measurement capacities


Reliable oxygen analysis thanks to high-temperature pyrolysis and backflush technology

The rapid OXY cube offers unrivaled accuracy and precision in oxygen analysis. This is achieved by high-temperature pyrolysis of the sample at 1,450 °C, resulting in a full conversion of the sample oxygen to the target analyte carbon monoxide. Additionally, the pyrolysis tube is blank-free as it is made from glassy carbon instead of quartz glass. Even fluorinated samples can be analyzed accurately, since they will not react with glassy carbon. In the standard configuration, the target analyte carbon monoxide is preconcentrated on a column. Our patented backflush technology uses clean helium to flush this carbon monoxide off the column, while pyrolysis byproduct gases are redirected and do not travel to the thermal conductivity detector.

Low ppm oxygen measurements with the IR detector upgrade

The rapid OXY cube’s detection limit can be lowered to 10 ppm by adding an infrared detector. Due to its high sensitivity even the lowest oxygen concentrations result in tall and narrow peaks. The IR detector is also characterized by a very high linearity and stability as demonstrated in standard addition experiments. Since the IR detector only responds to the target analyte CO, pyrolysis gases can travel directly to the IR detector. This results in a sample analysis time of 3 - 4 minutes, an even lower system blank and helium savings.

Cost-effective oxygen analysis thanks to resource-saving design

Oxygen analysis with the rapid OXY cube saves resources. The analyzer is designed for a low consumption of consumables as well as carrier gas, resulting in low operating costs. In addition, the extremely robust pyrolysis reactor can be used for several thousand samples before maintenance is necessary, increasing system uptime and sample throughput.

High operating comfort through intelligent design

The rapid OXY cube oxygen analyzer is designed for user-friendly, unattended overnight operation. Its up to 120 position autosampler is reloadable at any time, giving you full flexibility in your analysis process. Whenever maintenance is necessary, our user-friendly clamp connections ensure a tool-free maintenance experience. This is complimented by a high level of automation, including a fully automated leak check and a maintenance counter that keeps track of upcoming maintenance events.

Future-proof thanks to 10 years guarantee

Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity of our rapid OXY cube, we grant a 10-year guarantee on the thermal conductivity detector cell of the thermal conductivity detector (TCD). With our long-term oriented dedication to technical support, we provide spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. This results in outstanding low total cost of ownership, giving you confidence in return of investment.

Product details

The rapid OXY cube is optimized for the analysis of: 

  • oxygen 

Weighing range

Large weighing range spanning from micro (< 1 mg) to macro (around 100 mg of soil) applications and up to 60 mg of organic matter.

Element concentration range 

Wide range of elemental concentrations: 
O: up to 6 mg O absolute, 10 ppm – 100 %


Standard deviation (homogenous substance): 
< 10 ppm at < 100 ppm element concentration 
< 50 ppm at 100 ppm to 0.1 % element concentration 
< 0.05 % at 0.1 - 1 % element concentration 
< 0.1 % at 1 - 100 % element concentration, depending on sample type

Analysis time 

4 min* (IR upgrade), 14 min (standard), depending on sample type

* optionally available

Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) (standard configuration): 
Oxygen is converted to the target analyte carbon monoxide (CO) via reductive pyrolysis at 1,450 °C. CO is trapped and preconcentrated on a column. While undesired byproduct gases are vented out of the system, the target analyte is swept off the column with clean helium. This guarantees complete separation of the target analyte from undesirable gases prior to TCD detection.

Infrared (IR) detector (optional configuration): 
Oxygen is converted to the target analyte carbon monoxide (CO) via reductive pyrolysis at 1,450 °C. CO travels together with byproduct gases directly to the IR detector. In contrast to the TCD, the IR detector only responds to CO. Therefore, the gas separation step is not needed.


  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
  • Highly sensitive infrared (IR) detector*

Sample introduction 

  • Integrated 120 positions autosampler (for solids and liquids in capsules) with conductive heating*, reloadable during analysis
  • Integrated 2 ml vial, 50 positions liquid autosampler* with rinse and waste vial, reloadable during analysis

Maximum furnace temperature 

1,450 °C 

Instrument control 

Windows® based rapid OXY cube® operating software with LIMS integration and auto sleep and wake-up function for automated and unattended overnight operation. 21 CFR Part 11 functionality available.*

Required gases 



48 x 55 x 63 cm (W x D x H)

* optionally available

Electronic balance

Balance and elemental analyzer form a system. We offer analytical balances from the leading manufacturers with our instruments. Please contact usfor further information.

Sample former and pressing tools

For simplified sample preparation, we offer a manual tool for compressing samples in tin or silver foil or cups, and a mechanical press for the preparation of pellets with paper wrapping.

Capsule sealing press

Tool for the exact dosing and gas-tight sealing of tin or silver capsules for liquid samples.


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