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Spark OES metal testing. As precise as a lab instrument. As mobile as a handheld.

At Control 2019 in Stuttgart, Elementar presents ferro.lyte®, the first mobile optical emission spectrometer with spark excitation that is as light as a handheld, measuring as precisely as a laboratory instrument.

The highlight of Elementar's trade fair appearance at this year's Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance, is ferro.lyte, the most compact mobile spark OES metal analyzer on the market. With this product innovation, Elementar continues its success in the field of elemental analysis in metals and expands its extensive product portfolio with analyzers for optical emission spectrometry (OES).

ferro.lyte is optimized for quality control in the metalworking industry and for use in metal recycling. Thanks to its low weight and its innovative all-in-one concept, combined with an intelligent battery management, ferro.lyte is a reliable instrument for ad-hoc analyses at sites that are difficult to access. This makes ferro.lyte the perfect partner for contract laboratories and material inspectors who carry out positive material identification (PMI) on-site.

In contrast to conventional handheld instruments, optical emission spectrometry can also be used to analyze elements with low atomic numbers. Elementar's innovative CONLYTE® technology (patent pending) significantly improves the analytical precision and stability of the measurements. Elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen, which emit in the deep UV wavelength range, can also be measured in mobile operation in laboratory quality. In contrast to conventional analyzers, ferro.lyte separates the entire beam path from the plasma to the sensor from the atmosphere and rinses it with argon. The argon prevents UV absorption by oxygen; also dust and humidity have no influence on the analysis results.

Another special feature of ferro.lyte is the lyticOS® Software Suite user interface, which is specially tailored to the needs of mobile users. On the clear, bright touch screen, which is easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions, the clearly structured workflows can be controlled quickly and easily via touch function. The measurement results are conveniently processed via data export, USB or into the lyticOS cloud.

Learn more about the new mobile metal analyzer ferro.lyte at the Elementar booth at Control 2019 in hall 4, booth 4421.

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Mobile spectrometer ferro.lyte®
The new mobile optical emission spectrometer ferro.lyte® is as precise as a lab instrument and as mobile as a handheld device.
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