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  • EnvirovisION
    Natural or Contaminant?


A sophisticated solution for understanding environmental forensics

At a time when protection of our natural landscapes against pollution and contamination has never been more important, Elementar’s EnvirovisION system provides a reliable and advanced means of identifying sources of environmental pollution via stable isotope analysis.

Bioaccumulation of harmful compounds is a long-term threat to human and animal health, particularly in the developing world, where regulations are less stringent. Contamination of the local environment by shale gas “fracking” sites must therefore be constantly evaluated to satisfy new regulations; when pollutants are detected, it is essential that the source is determined and apportioned to remedy the problem, while also preventing repeat offenses.

EnvirovisION offers advanced sample preparation techniques for exceptional levels of detection, ensuring that even low-level pollutants can be traced to their original source.

Minimal footprint

EnvirovisION is almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer on the market, providing sophisticated performance in a compact package.

Ease of use

EnvirovisION has been optimized to provide straightforward analysis and intelligent control for maximum ease of use. with powerful IonOS Peak Mapping capabilities reducing the duration of data analysis from hours to minutes, generating a large increase in lab productivity.

Additionally, its Good-For-Go control technology significantly reduces handling time by allowing instrument setup to be completed with a single click.

Advanced data analysis

EnvirovisION offers a number of cutting-edge analytical capabilities for environmental forensics, including:

  • 100V amplification for large dynamic range samples

  • exceptional sensitivity for low-concentration analytes

  • a market-leading furnace design, providing long-term robust sample analysis without reconditioning

  • sophisticated stable isotope data processing software that represents the most powerful suite ever created for this application

Low cost of ownership

EnvirovisION provides a variety of cost-effective benefits, including instrument sleep/wake-up functions that help to reduce the consumption of resources.

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EnvirovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope analysis for
Environmental Forensics and comprises of these modules:


  • isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer
  • centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
  • ionOS® EnvirovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing
  • Agilent 7890B GC with GC5 furnace for δ13C and δ2H isotope analysis
  • Programmable Temperature Vapourizer injector with LN2 cooling
  • CTC autosampler with SPME functionality
Icon Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer


Icon Ease-of-use


Good-For-Go control allows one click instrument set-up


Icon Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis

The most powerful stable isotope data processing software ever created


Icon Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources