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Accelerating essential ecology and agronomy research

Elementar’s EcovisION system provides comprehensive, high-performance stable isotope analysis in the field of ecology, providing researchers with the power to deliver unparalleled insights into the complex interactions of the living world.

The stable isotope analysis capabilities of EcovisION make it possible to elucidate intricate marine food webs, aiding conservation and shaping policy for protection of vulnerable species; on land, it can trace animal migration patterns over continents by tracking their unique isotopic signatures, while in agriculture, it can deliver insights into the intricate dynamics of the crop/soil interface.

Developing our understanding of these innate relationships aids our stewardship of the natural ecosystem to ensure that future generations enjoy the same wonders that we do today. In this regard, EcovisION is a tool that truly has the power to change the world.

Minimal footprint

EcovisION is almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer currently on the market, making it the most compact solution available, as well as one of the most powerful.

Ease of use

EcovisION provides straightforward analysis and intelligent control, making it incredibly easy to use. Key features include:

  • auto sample dilution
  • automated gain switching for isotopically enriched sample analysis
  • 120-position sample carousel that can be added to in real time
  • Good-For-Go control technology, allowing instrument setup to be completed with a single click

Advanced data analysis

Ecology researchers can benefit from cutting-edge analytical capabilities with EcovisION, with features including:

  • 100V amplification for large dynamic range samples
  • advanced purge and trap chromatography for exceptional separation of combustion gases
  • zero blank ball valve sample introduction for low-concentration nitrogen analysis
  • sophisticated stable isotope data processing software that represents the most powerful suite ever created for this application

Low cost of ownership

Elementar has designed EcovisION with instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources, while a ten-year furnace warranty is also included to safeguard the long-term reliability of the system.

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EcovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope analysis in
ecological sciences and comprises of these modules:


  • isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer
  • centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
  • ionOS® EcovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing
  • vario ISOTOPE select for nitrogen, carbon and sulfur isotope analysis
  • Amplifier gain switching for enriched isotope analysis
Icon Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer


Icon Ease-of-use


Good-For-Go control allows one click instrument set-up


Icon Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis

The most powerful stable isotope data processing software ever created


Icon Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources