Elemental Analyzers for IRMS

The combination of elemental analysis (EA) with isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) has allowed the explosion of stable isotope analysis across a broad range of application areas. This diversity in application areas means that our customers often have different demands of their EA-IRMS solutions and so we offer a range of elemental analysers for coupling to IRMS products.

If you are looking for a dedicated EA-IRMS system for running high throughput 15N, 13C & 34S analysis of simple organic materials then you will find the vario ISOTOPE select the ideal EA for your laboratory. The vario ISOTOPE cube EA is an exceptional instrument which is ideal for analysing larger, bulky samples such as soils, sediments and clays as well as glass filters since it has the largest sample capacity on the market. For a laboratory that needs to be able to analyse any isotope in practically any sample matrix, then the vario PYRO cube is the complete solution which combines combustion and pyrolysis into a single small footprint instrument. Finally, the iso TOC cube is the only instrument that is able to analyse dissolved carbon and organically bound nitrogen in water samples bringing new analytical capabilities to the stable isotope community.

Our EA-IRMS solutions are the most technically advanced available and offer innovative technologies that can only be found in Elementar EA products. With our unique APT Technology for separating and focussing gas mixtures as well as the zero-blank Ball Valve sample introduction system, your analysis will be straightforward, no matter how complex the samples.

Elemental Analyzers for Stable Isotope Analysis

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