• iso DUAL Inlet for dual inlet analysis


    in Dual Inlet Analysis


Highest Precision Pure Gas Analyzer

Dual inlet technology is the most precise, accurate and sensitive technique for carbonate and water analysis. Because of this, the iso DUAL INLET has a unique role in the paleoclimate applications where instrumental precision contributes directly to the precision of paleoclimate models. Whilst the world's climate continues to behave erratically, we must know what has happened in Earth's history before we can attempt to predict what will happen in the future. To elucidate this complicated story, the iso DUAL INLET is a valuable tool for paleoclimatologists to build a detailed picture of the past to better inform policy makers who might just be able to influence the future of our planet. 

  • Incredibly compact foot print with self-contained electronics and vacuum system.
  • Complete, automatic software control of two stepper-motor driven high compression ratio bellows providing a high dynamic range of sample and reference gas. 
  • Finely balanced viscous flow of the sample and reference gasses into the isoprime precisION for identical treatment of both gasses to avoid potential errors.
  • Fourteen ultra-low dead volume valves with bodies machined from a single block of high purity stainless steel to reduce dead volume as much as possible



  • Large capacity 100 mL reference gas bellows permits long automated runs without the need for refilling
  • Dedicated turbomolecular pump for the changeover valve guarantees zero residual memory effects between switching
  • Highly dependable and robust valve seats which are proven to last for millions of operations without maintenance.
  • User configurable instrument bakeout routines for high quality vacuum generation
  • Patented micro-volume automatic cold finger for very small samples
  • Complete automation of the iso DUAL INLET using ionOS® control software