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Agrarian analysis

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Extreme Durability optimizes our devices for the use in Agrarian Analysis.

Living nature consists of the elements C, H, N, O and S. Elementar is the specialist for analysis of these elements. Therefore, the majority of our analytical instruments can also be used for the investigation of plant material, soils, fertilizers and all kinds of organic samples and/or biomass.

The basis is in each case the ability to analyze representatively large sample quantities without special pretreatment and without use of decomposition chemicals safely and within minutes.

Elementar is the pioneer of the Dumas combustion analysis for the determination of N/Protein from macro samples into the gram range, which currently replaces more and more the wet-chemical Kjeldahl method.

Instruments for the analysis of the CN as well as CNS contents are indispensable in plant and soil research. The coupling of Elementar analyzers and mass spectrometers for the measurement of isotope ratios (IRMS) is also of great importance for tracing and origin analysis. Elementar is the only company to offer IRMS systems for macro analysis.


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