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Elementar is the technology leader in elemental analysis and isotope ratio mass spectrometry serving science in more than 80 countries. We help our customers to support the quality of life whenever water, nutrition, education, health, environment, climate, energy or product quality are involved.

Through our premier brand Elementar we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, tailor-made solutions and comprehensive support. Our Identity Video will give you an impression about some of the possible application areas and our demand on ourselves as company.

Elementar Identity Film

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Researcher in a laboratory with a vario EL cube from Elementar

Icon chemical analysis


Longtime market experience optimizes our instruments for the use in CHNOS elemental analysis.

The wide range of applications covers classical applications in organic chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, as well as specialized applications.

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Climate researcher drills an ice core

Icon environmental analysis

Climate research

The climate change is one of the greatest threats to human civilisation.

Stable isotope allows readings of past earth temperatures. By combining this temperature information and extrapolating into the future, it enables us to get an insight in possible future climate szenarios.

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Farmer in a grain field

Icon agrarian analysis


The performance of a particular plant or an entire crop is highly dependent on the fertility of the soil it is growing in.

Improving soil health by fertilization requires accurate measurements of the C/N ratio of a wide range of the soil and the used fertilizers.

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Archaeologist at an excavation

Icon isotope analysis


Human culture and evolution has evolved over thousands of years, the majority of which occur in prehistory at times of limited or non-existent record keeping.

Stable isotope analysis is a powerful tool in chemical archaeology, allowing archaeologists to reconstruct ancient behaviours and the way of living.

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