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Product Manager
Moritz Kreinbihl
Moritz gained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg and started working for Elementar in October 2019. Initially he joined us as a working student, then wrote his bachelor thesis and completed a traineeship in Germany and the USA. Now, he is using all this knowledge he gathered in his role as Product Manager for the energy market to ensure that we fulfill the requirements of our customers in this market. In his spare time, he uses his energy to play football in the Hessenliga (highest league in the state of Hesse).
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Product Manager Moritz Kreinbihl with Elementar vario EL cube
8 min.
Chemical recycling - How plastic waste becomes a valuable resource
The transformation from a linear to a circular economy is the solution to our plastic problem - elemental analysis plays an important role here
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