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Precise Measurement Results and Environmentally Compatible Methods optimize our Devices for the use in Environmental Analysis.

The content of total organic carbon (TOC) in water and solid samples is one of the most important screening parameter in enviromental analysis. Whether you look at the evaluation of water quality or at the recycling of residues – there is no way around TOC.

TOC analyzers: More than 40 years experience in environmental and water analysis

For decades users in environmental and water analysis rely on TOC analyzers by Elementar. The whole spectrum ranging from ultrapure water, waste water to sludges and solids is covered by a single flexible TOC analyzer. In addition to the determination of TOC, the content of total bound nitrogen (TNb) can also be determined simultaneously in aqueous samples. Even difficult samples like sea water and concentrated chemicals and acids are no longer a challenge. The measuring range extends from a lower detection limit of 3 µg/l (vario TOC cube) up to 100,000 mg/l (vario TOC select).

Reliable TOC analysis through effective sample digestion

By a real catalytic high temperature digestion of 850 °C, the complete oxidation of TOC is ensured. To guarantee such a temperature over a long interval, the catalyst is protected from detrimental factors such as salts through a special, patented process at Elementar. Already during the design of the TOC analyzer emphasis is put on easy accessibility of all parts that require a regular maintanance. The exchange of combustion and adsorption tubes is a matter of a few minutes only.

Fully automated TOC analysis in water and solids

There is no need to mention that the analysis of water is performed fully automatically. But also solids can be analyzed for TOC through automatic sample feeding. Just weigh the sample in tin capsules, seal the capsule and put it on the sample tray - that’s it. Even the change from liquid to solid mode can be performed in max. 5 minutes. Analysis times of 3 to 4 minutes turn Elementar’s TOC analyzers into work horses for routine operation in environmental and water analysis.

Products for Environmental Analysis

acquray® Series

Enter a new world of TOC analysis and more


enviro TOC

TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best


vario TOC cube

TOC/TNb analysis without limitations


soli TOC® cube

The versatile system for the temperature dependent differentiation of carbon species in solids


iso TOC® cube

The world's first stable isotope system for dissolved C and N analysis (TOC/TNb)



A complete solution for stable isotope analysis in Ecology and Agronomy



A complete solution for stable isotope analysis in Environmental Sciences



A complete solution for stable isotope analysis in Earth Sciences