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Highest Quality Standards optimize our devices for the use in Fuel Analysis.

The analysis of CHN and S is a standard technique for determination of calorific value, environmental compatibility and purity of fossil fuels such as coal, coke and peat as well as for regenerating raw materials such as biomass or combustible garbage.

Elemental analyzers from Elementar are characterized by a large sample size and large element concentration range. Therefore, they are especially suited for the safe analysis of inhomogeneous substances such as solid fuels.

The vario MACRO cube analyzer can analyze as much as 150 mg absolute carbon, which is the largest weight of any elemental analyzer with simultaneous CHNS determination.

The semi-macro analyzer vario EL cube CHN is comparable to the vario MACRO cube regarding sample handling but allows the simultaneous CHN analysis of 40 mg coal.

Products for Fuel Analysis

vario MACRO cube

The art of elemental analysis


vario MAX cube

A new dimension in throughput for CN and CNS analysis


rapid CS cube

The special sulfur analyzer


trace SN cube

Analyzer for S and N determination at very low concentrations


vario EL cube

The benchmark in elemental analysis


rapid OXY cube®

Get OXYted about oxygen analysis


UNICUBE® trace

Matrix-independent determination of N and C at trace levels