About us

ELEMENTAR Analysensysteme is the world's leading German manufacturer of analytical instruments for non-metallic elements like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen or chlorine in all organic and the majority of inorganic substances.

Arisen from the Analytical Instrumentation Department of the Heraeus technology group, we have developed and manufactured instruments for elemental analysis for more than 110 years in Hanau near Frankfurt.

The basis of our success is rooted in continuous product innovation. This is accomplished by applying both our time proven as well as newly developed techniques in high temperature digestion of solids and liquids with the most advanced methods of gas analysis. Our designers, assemblers, application chemists, service engineers and sales engineers are in close cooperation with our customers for decades and guarantee highest quality of continuity and progress.

We are experienced specialists for CHNOS elemental analysis, Nitrogen/Protein analysis by Dumas combustion, and TOC / TNb analysis for micro and macro samples. Special digestion units and accessories complement the area of non-metallic elemental analysis. Our main application fields cover a wide range from fundamental research to highly specialized quality control.

A major enhancement of our competence resulted from the incorporation of the instrument line for stable isotope analysis of organic elements like CHNS and O in 2008. Our subsidiary Isoprime Ltd. in Manchester continues the longest tradition in devolopment and manufacturing of IRMS analyzers based on VG/Micromass technology.

Isoprime Ltd is a well-established and flourishing manufacturer of Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS) and offers a comprehensive range of complimentary inlet systems. Isoprime's beginnings date back to the early 1970's as stable isotope specialists from VG Isotopes to what is now Isoprime Ltd.

Markets & Applications

Icon Chemische Analyse


Chemical laboratory analysis of the elements CHNS and Cl in micro and macro samples in research as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Icon Agraranalyse


Agrarian analysis for the determination of the elemental composition of soil and plant samples or food.

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Icon Brennstoffanalyse


Analysis of fuels for the evaluation of the calorific value and purity of coal, biomass or solid waste.

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Icon Forensik


Understanding a sample's origin with stable isotope analysis brings powerful insight across numerous forensic applications.

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Icon Umweltanalyse


Measurement of sum parameters like TOC, TNb, etc. for water, soil and environmental analysis. Also measurement of carbon cycling or climate indicators.

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Icon Werkstoffe


Analysis of the elements C, S, O, N, and H in metals and inorganic materials. Ideal for foundries, steel mills, the automotive industry and the semiconductor industry.

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