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TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best

The new TOC/TNb analyzer enviro TOC combines the technical know-how of its predecessor, the vario TOC select, with innovative technologies: The robust, high-performance furnace, variable mode changing, real matrix separation with SALTTRAP, and the stable wide-range IR are implemented in one instrument together with a new autosampler and integrated chemiluminescence detection. This makes enviro TOC the ideal device for flexible and efficient TOC and TNb determination in environmental and wastewater samples.

The fully automated 60 position liquid sampler allows convenient high-throughput measurement of TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, DOC, POC, and TNb. Also samples that contain particles can be analyzed adequately: The integrated rinsing functions avoid carryover and contamination. Rapid mode changes allow measuring soil and waste also fully automatic with the same system.

TN­b determination is realized flexibly, either the proven electrochemical cell or an innovative, integrated chemiluminescence detector (CLD) can be used. The new CLD concept requires no additional lab space and delivers linearly calibrated, extremely stable measurements resulting in a simple calibration and data evaluation. The brand-new, intuitive instrument software completes the processing and evaluation package. The re-designed user interface combines easy handling with flexible operation and is the perfect solution for entering the world of TOC/TNb analysis.

The powerful furnace with temperatures of up to 1,200 °C ensures full recovery and complete oxidation even of highly stable carbon compounds like humic or fulvic acids or particle-containing samples.

An additional highlight is the SALTTRAP matrix separation. It provides effective protection of the combustion tube and detector against corrosion when analyzing concentrated salt solutions. SALTTRAP matrix separation and the user-friendly maintenance concept guarantee a long lifetime and low operating costs of the enviro TOC.

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TOC analyzer enviro TOC
The new TOC/TNb analyzer enviro TOC is designed for the analysis of environmental water and wastewater.
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