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IN NPC analysis
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NPC analysis without compromise

In the past, you had to compromise when determining the net peptide content (NPC) of lyophilized powder. Now the highly sensitive carbon and nitrogen analyzer,  UNICUBE® trace, links it all: 

  • Cost-per-analysis of £0.50 

  • Sample prep of 3 min only 

  • Sample size of less than 1 mg 

  • GMP compliance 

  • Highest accuracy and precision 

  • Training for your staff 

Need to measure additional elements and/or samples? 

NPC can be determined just as easily with the “UNICUBE®”, which can measure C, H, N, S, O* and Cl*. In addition to peptides, both instruments can analyze a wide variety of samples such as fluorinated pharmaceutical compounds, chromatography resins, liquid fuels, and inhomogeneous soils. 

*optional configuration 

Delve into real data

The peptidic material is the only source of nitrogen in the lyophilized powder. Therefore, the NPC can be calculated once the absolute amount of nitrogen in the powder has been determined. 20 µg of nitrogen suffice to produce high-quality NPC data via the UNICUBE trace. Explore how the nitrogen results obtained via the UNICUBE trace compare to Bachem's certified values.

Did you know? NPC analysis via the UNICUBE trace fully complies with USP <1057> method 7 procedure 2 and Ph. Eur. monograph 01/2008:02533 method 7B on total protein measurement procedures. 

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Easy and precise analysis of the absolute peptide content
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NPC analysis made easy

NPC analysis via the UNICUBE or UNICUBE trace only requires 3 minutes of manual sample preparation and as little as 5 minutes* for the subsequent fully automated analysis. See how this compares to amino acid analysis: 


Amino Acid Analysis

  • weigh peptide powder into tin foil
  • place sample into autosampler
  • get results after a five minute, fully-automated analysis
  • liquid-phase hydrolysis of the peptide via boiling in 6N HCl
  • pre-column derivatization of the free amino acids
  • separation and detection of amino acids by RP-HPLC

*Depending on analysis mode; nitrogen determination 5 minutes, with simultaneous measurement of CHNS up to 12 minutes

The UNICUBE in action

Discover how analysis runs and maintenance are conducted with ease. 

We've got you covered!

To ensure full GMP compliance, we offer:

  • analyzer qualifications (IQ/OQ/PQ) executed by trained service engineers

  • 21 CFR part 11 software option

  • reference materials with %CHNOS values traceable to NIST standards

To train staff quickly, we provide:

  • online and in-person analyzer trainings

  • instructional videos (e.g. sample preparation, routine maintenance tasks)

  • support from our application lab personnel

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You would like to have more information? We will be happy to answer your questions about the UNICUBE®, the UNICUBE trace® and the net peptide determination. Let us know how we can support you.

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